Fishy Bloomington

By: Diane Benjamin

See this item that is on the Consent Agenda. It won’t be discussed unless an alderman pulls it.

The City plans to demolish a building damaged by fire – $99,900 of your money.

The PIN number listed in the documentation is wrong. It needs to be corrected before the Council votes or they will be approving the demolition of a house that isn’t burned out.

The PIN number for 831-833 W. Jackson is 21-05-478-022. The PIN listed is for a house on Allin St.

It gets worse. This property was bought last year for unpaid property taxes by: Power Investments Holding LLC, 43 RONALD DR, BLOOMINGTON. It appears it was purchased before the fire.

The documents claim this LLC can’t afford to clean up the mess left by the fire. The contract approved is with Dave Capodice Excavating. There are no references to the current ownership other than they can’t afford to do the work. There is no reference to a lien being placed by the City on the property to recoup your money if this group developes or sells the cleaned up property. There is no reference to the City obtaining title to the property because of this investment.

This property is currently listed as EXEMPT. Why is that?

The Agent and Managers for Power Investments Holding LLC are on the Secretary of States website:


Managers: Darlene Watson and Antoinese Watson

I don’t disagree with cleaning up the property, but taxpayers need protections here. As written you have ZERO.

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  1. Liars, crooks amd thieves. So glad I moved out of state. Nowhere is perfect but B-N is spiraling down the toilet and getting worse by the day.

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