Also at Bloomington tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

Mollie Ward’s initiative is back:

Anybody want to guess how many of these “experts” will be FOID card and gun owners? Definition of expert is: People who claim some hidden talent not available to normal people.

The Council will approve it and it will develop zero solutions because morality can’t be forced by law. Go ahead and waste your time trying to solve a nationwide problem in little Bloomington.

See PDF page 324 for who will be qualified to serve on this commission:

I don’t see a single 2A advocate in the bunch.

Other action:

  1. The City is going to spend $181,940 creating a new dias in the government center. Remember on Olive St. when voting always worked and slides could be seen? Where was the vote to move to the GOVERNMENT CENTER? Documentation:
  2. Tim Gleason is getting permission to purchase equipment costing over $50,000 without Council approval. The documentation claims COVID is still causing supply chain issues and he needs this authority. Supposedly it is temporary but no expiration date is included. Why have a council? Docs also claims this meets the goals of the Bloomington Comprehensive Plan 2035. I’m sure it does, why have those pesky yes people involved in governing.


4 thoughts on “Also at Bloomington tonight

  1. Diane stay factual, it says for Vehicles only and not to exceed the budgeted amount and only till April of 2024. I hear securing vehicles off of state and co op contracts is a nightmare. Sometimes literally have only a few hours to claim / supply Purchase Order before they are gone. Then wait anywhere from 16-26 months for them to arrive.

  2. I know quite a few 2A citizens who’d participate in the commission, if it was legit.

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