Bloomington: You voted for big government, it won’t end well

By: Diane Benjamin

The PIN # of the property taxpayers are demolishing on W Jackson was corrected, otherwise the property wasn’t discussed. The contractor is required to pay prevailing wage since public money is being used. You evidently gave a present to the labor unions and the property owners. Congrats.

For all the anti-religion people who think it has no place in government, ask Mboka why he did a proclamation making 6/28 a day of Muslim celebration.

Must see Public Comment below. This guy thought he should have been allowed to live for free in an apartment the landlord paid for instead of being evicted. He blames realtors for the rise in rental rates. He misses that many landlords quit renting their properties because the City told guys like this they don’t have to pay and won’t be evicted. He’s really upset with his leftist alderman, Danenberger, for taking $1000 from realtors. He also mentioned the mayor took $5000. Schism on the left folks!

Proving yet again Public Comment is for you and the Council doesn’t care, 3 members of the public spoke in favor of the Special Gun Violence commission that got a name change to “Safe Communities” and 5 spoke against it, including 2 members of the PSCRB: Public Safety and Community Relations Board.

The members of the PSCRB need to resign in protest

5 members of this Council think you are useless.

The Bloomington police should be appalled Ward thinks they aren’t doing their job.

At the last Committee of the Whole meeting the council voted 5-4 to hear more. They did not hear more, the 5 members who voted to create this commission said ZERO last night except for Mollie Ward who spewed disdain for anyone who didn’t support it. Don’t miss Mboka stating let’s not engage in debate. Isn’t that Council’s job before voting? Proof it’s fixed.

Before you hear Mollie, this Nextdoor post proves the vote was fixed. Ward has already decided who should be on her commission – including herself:

Below is the entire meeting – it is cued to start at Public Comment. It is worth listening to all of them. Then jump to 1:33:00 to hear the Council members opposed to growing government with this commission when it will accomplish nothing because valuing life can’t be legislated. Guns only recently began to kill more kids ages 1-19 than car accidents, much of that is kids killing other kids. When your taxes go up to pay for the leftist useless programs staff has to waste time on, blame Kearns, Danenberger, Hendricks, Ward, and Crumpler. They voted to replace the PSCRB with Ward buddies.

6 thoughts on “Bloomington: You voted for big government, it won’t end well

  1. Did this (free rent proponent) guy say he is an instructor at Heartland College?

  2. “one death is one death too many”. Mollie uses the same words that gave us an experimental unsafe vaccine with dubious results, the closure of our schools and the nation, Covid vaccinations imposed on healthy children, politically supported riots and looting in the streets, calls to defund police, among others.

    Those kinds of emotional words are the perfect tool to launch a community into a cure that has often been found to be worse than the disease. It encourages people to cancel logic, science, common sense, the constitution, freedom of speech and the rule of law. It is a common refrain of the anarchist.

  3. Is this guy an ISU byproduct? Sounds like it. He is a prime example of the lack of education in this country! Obviously economics is or was not his major! Common sense was not his major either! I’d laugh if it wasn’t so pathetic,

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