That’s CARBON!

By: Diane Benjamin

Banning fossil fuels isn’t going to clean up what Canada is doing with wildfires. Doesn’t the Town of Normal monitor CO2 levels? Maybe the gauge doesn’t go high enough! Where are the Climate Change activists?

Today is bad and getting worse since there is close to no wind.

15 thoughts on “That’s CARBON!

  1. Thank you for this post!
    I was looking outside and wondering about the haze!

    Now I see all of the headlines =
    “Canadian wildfires create the worst air quality in the world – for Chicago and the Midwest”

  2. The usual, no news coverage about this io the Pantagraph website. So I came to this website.
    You should low ball the Pantagraph and put daily obits on this website for a smaller fee. Get friendly with the funeral homes. I am hearing the Pantagraph wants $600+ to publish an obit. I’m am also hearing some quotes over $1K. Someone I knew passed away and I didn’t hear about it until after the funeral. The family didn’t want to pay the Pantagragh what they wanted.

    I was up around 5 am to put out some grape jam for the Baltimore Orioles and it didn’t seem too bad then and it seems to have gotten more hazy during the day. I saw some photo’s of Chicago and Milwaukee and it is even worse there.

  3. The heck with the tree huggers where’s Canadas leader? Maybe he’s too busy trying to save the world to worry about the fires in his backyard! Where are the environmentalists? You’d think they’d be hollering as well. They are too busy flying in their private jets to notice I guess

  4. Walmart closed the garden center and no employees to be out for more than 15 minutes. Gray haze over Galesburg. Never thought that smoke would reach here.

  5. I thought I remembered Bill Gates saying he was going to “dust the atmosphere to block the sun” – all in the name of his version of climate control….

    A quick search & I found some articles on the Internet from Jan 2021 – where he was talking about his idea for “sun dimming technology” He called it The Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx)

    Here is a Forbes article (there are others out there talking about Gates’ idea)

    1. Just some more Democrat virtue signaling. Just like reparations, ending homelessness, DEI, etc.

      1. That isn’t only carbon but methane that are being released by the trees burning in Canada. Dioxins are also released, making the smoke from the burning trees very toxic. I don’t know where you get your information, but “carbon” only one of the gases that are being released. As even extremely cold regions in Canada become warmer, increasing temperatures and a “vapor-pressure deficit,’’ or a lack of moisture, a professor of physical and environmental sciences at the University of Toronto. Wildfire smoke itself is quite a complex mixture and it’s made up of fine particles … and a number of other gases, which are toxic, mainly due to the fact that wildfires burn everything so more toxic than household fires because everything has been burned,” Dr. Kimberly Humphrey, a climate change and human health fellow at the Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, told ABC News.

          1. Just a reminder that Google is a search engine, not an authoritative source. It’s always important to read and vet anything that comes up in a search.

            Just because it’s the top result doesn’t mean it’s the best answer.

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