Fly on the Wall: Beth Whisman

While flying around I see property bought by the Town of Normal taxpayers parked in Beth Whisman’s driveway. As Executive Director of the CDM, is this for emergency response?

What is the Town’s policy for personal use of Town owned vehicles?

Do taxpayers pay for gas? How much does Whisman pay for personal use of a Town vehicle? It’s a taxable benefit!

Maybe a base salary of $144,757.20 last year and inflation means Beth can’t afford her own vehicle. Can’t ride the bus?—Town-of-Normal

4 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Beth Whisman

  1. Tattle-telling like this is why Normal’s 2 Rivian’s have no markings identifying them as taxpayer funded.

    1. Tattle-telling like this is why Koos doesn’t park his Rivian in his driveway any more. It’s parked either in front of Vitesse Cycle shop or it’s across the street at the charging station in front of the police station. What happened with the second Rivan Vehicle the town bought?

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