McLean County Transparency gets WORSE!

One of the best protections against corruption is transparency, and in today’s digital age one of the easiest ways for government to be open and accountable is through posting public documents on the Internet. The Illinois Policy Institute just updated their analysis of all 102 Illinois Counties.   The report concentrates on transparency because the […]

Europe Exits Climate Money Pit, Obama Jumps In

By Ron Arnold, Washington Examiner – June 28, 2013 What does America have to show for the billions of taxpayer dollars spent to stop climate change? Is the climate better now because of 20 years of throwing money at it? The issue is the climate, not the loads of exorbitantly expensive subsidy scandals, secretive scientists and bureaucratic claptrap […]


What does it take to get parents mad enough to act?  More on Common Core By Anita B. Hoge June 28, 2013 Experts, Parents, Lawmakers Blast Database Providing Personal Student Information To Vendors March 14, 2013 NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) –” A new national database that compiles personal student information for educational companies that contract […]

One fourth of Obama supporters think Tea Party is biggest terror threat facing America

By Meghan Keenan /// June 27, 2013 Although the Tea Party may not be viewed very favorably by many liberals, it’s still surprising to find out that a quarter of Obama supporters may actually view the movement as the biggest terrorist threat facing the nation. According to a new Rasmussen poll, 26 percent of Obama supporters ranked the Tea […]

Well, Time To Go Out In Front Of A Bunch Of People And Lie To Them

Before you believe Jay Carney wrote this, consider the source.  (Not that it isn’t accurate!) COMMENTARY • Opinion • ISSUE 49•26 • Jun 25, 2013 By Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary Well, it looks like we’re about ready. The reporters have taken their seats, the photographers have set up their equipment, and everyone in the briefing room is waiting for […]