Fly on the Wall: Citizens of Bloomington BEWARE!

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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There has been a nice effort lately to paint the Coliseum as a great asset to the City.  Yes, it’s a very nice venue.  A venue the citizens said No to – but then Mayor Markowitz pushed through anyway.  Contrary to any story you read, the income generated to the City by the Coliseum doesn’t even cover the interest payments of $2,000,000 a year.  That doesn’t include principal payments on the building.  The Coliseum is now an albatross around the necks of city government and taxpayers.  But it’s not like it can be shut down, the principal still needs to be paid.  Hopefully it stands long enough to be paid for.

All the glowing reports are leading toward fundamental transformation of the downtown area.  Supporters of a massive investment love to site all the visitors the Coliseum brings.  At least one Alderman proclaims the Coliseum produces millions of dollars of income for the city every year without producing actual proof.

You are being set up Bloomington taxpayers.  The big spenders believe downtown is the future of Bloomington.  If you sit back, it may not actually be the future, but you will be paying for the effort anyway.

Meanwhile, the Coliseum is managed by a private company, taxpayers can’t see their books.  At least one of those owners is also a part owner of the hockey team.  So, the private company is the landlord, hockey team the tenant.  Do you think there is any chance the taxpayers are getting a fair deal?  Everything is private-you don’t have right to know.




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  1. Close down the malls and make everybody on the East side move back towards the downtown and the downtown will be the hub again. Until then,,,NOT! It is truly amazing as to how short sighted the visioning process really is. Mama always told me though that “some people are just plain stupid.”

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