Back story to “It’s Your Money”

by:  Diane Benjamin

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The entire story detailing the corruption in Illinois at the highest levels will appear in the Wall Street Journal very soon.    Illinois got involved with a company named CNSI through an intergovernmental agreement with Michigan, so not even the legislators knew what the Department of Health and Family Services was up to.  They decided laws don’t matter.  They felt free to throw your money away even after they knew CNSI was wrecking havoc in other states.  The other states contracted with them upfront and many of their stories are already public since lawsuits have been filed.  That isn’t the back story though.

Nobody in Illinois would ever know what the state was doing with your money if I hadn’t located a whistle blower willing to talk.  We have since identified more than one person fed up with how Illinois does business behind the backs of not only taxpayers, but also of the elected officials.

At all levels of government, our public servants now believe:

Nothing is illegal unless they are caught.  Then Lie!

We are no longer governed at any level by people wanting to do what’s best for the citizens.  It’s all about what is best for them.  The only way out of this mess is to hold them accountable.  This can not be done without people on the inside telling what they know.

The back story is this:

Last year I participated in a project of the Illinois TEA Party called Let’s Mobilize.  For 6 weekends before the November election we had teams of people campaigning all over the state for conservative candidates.  The Illinois GOP did nothing for many of the candidates in state races, the local GOP in a lot of areas did nothing either.  It’s pretty hard to win elections without boots on the ground, the Illinois TEA Party was the ONLY boots on the ground in many areas.

While campaigning I met the first whistle blower.  We talked for a few minutes and I handed the person a BlnNews business card and said “Email me”.  The person did.  It only took a couple of days to realize the information was way beyond my ability to investigate and report, so I called Adam Andrzejewski, former candidate for governor and now the head of “For the Good of Illinois”.   He teamed me up with a group called Edgar County Watchdogs, and together we filed dozens and dozens of Freedom of Information requests in Illinois and Michigan.  Eventually it became obvious the State was covering up and not complying with the requests, but it was too late for them.  We have enough information.

Internal affairs at the state is actively trying to find the whistle blowers.  They should be given awards, but then this is Illinois.  We are watching what they are doing.

Many people have a false impression of what the TEA Party is because of how the media has framed citizens who only want constitutionally limited government and fiscal responsibility.   Obviously this corruption would never had been known without the TEA Party.  The whistle blowers had no idea who to take the information to, I just connected them with the right people.

The Illinois GOP is not working for you, the Illinois TEA Party is.  It’s time the citizens knew it.

If you have information I know how to connect you with good people.  Email:  [email protected]

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  1. I’m don’t think the national GOP is working for us either. I would bet my last donut on it.
    We only have ourselves,,,but we waaaaay out number the scum bag traitors!

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