Illegal Immigration – let’s solve it!

Yes – ILLEGAL Immigration.  Stop calling law breakers immigrants, they are illegal aliens. That said, politicians seem unable to solve the problem.  Illinois spends billions on illegals because following the law isn’t an option, much like the rest of what happens in Illinois. Because the elected are intimated, politically correct, or just plain weasels – […]

Your City Council At Work-Bloomington

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 YOUR COUNCIL AT WORK – Bloomington City Council   Bloomington City Council’s Work Session  on Monday night gave citizens the opportunity to hear City Manager, David Hales, update the previously approved Action Plan.  Problem with that was, among others, is that there weren’t many citizens there. The video below helps a […]

Vetting David Gill – Part 2 From Dr Gill’s Facebook page: Congress should be working to make college more affordable, not harder for middle-class families to pay for. We need to demand action before Republicans allow Stafford student loan rates to double on July 1st. We can’t let the do-nothing Republicans in control of Congress get away with forcing 7 […]


Original Post by Illinois Review: by Jay Lehr, Ph.D., Science Director of The Heartland Institute SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE 1- Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant.  On the contrary it makes crops and forests grow faster.  Mapping by satellite shows that the earth has become about 6% greener overall in the past two decades, with forests […]

Modest Pensions – Unit 5

Per Capita Personal Income 2010-2011 per the Town of Normal Financial Statements Page 137:  $38,882 The average HOUSEHOLD income in Normal from 2006-2010 was $50,304 246 of the 361 retirees received more in retirement than the per person income in Normal 186 of the 361 retirees received more in retirement than the average HOUSEHOLD […]

Sen Bill Brady Votes by Accident – UPDATE!

by Diane Benjamin Once again the Republican Party in Illinois shows ZERO leadership ability.  The final session of the legislature was a circus created by Mike Madigan to pass whatever legislation he approved of, a lot of it created to benefit his law clients. See,0,824489,full.story What did the Republicans do?  Walk out? Refuse to […]

Vetting Dr David Gill

Below are links, video, and audio of information found on the web about Dr. Gill.  Many of them refer to his opponent as Tim Johnson since Tim dropped out AFTER the primary.  He as been replaced by Rodney Davis. 4/4/2012 Excerpts: “My health care plan for “Improved Medicare For All” would be a way […]

Green Energy? Not When It’s Windy! UPDATE #3

Today is 6/29/2012 – 9:45 am.  I can see at least 30 windmills from my house – east of Bloomington.  NONE of them are turning.  Congress at some point will decide whether to continue subsidies.  Make sure your congressmen votes NO!  Enough wasting the taxpayers money!   Windy day – windmills shut off.  At 6:30pm […]

Vetting Tari Renner – Part 3

How does Tari feel about immigration issues? From an IWU Newsletter: This again has been an exciting semester for us. Dr. Carolyn Nadeau’s Spanish for Social Justice class, with the support of the IWU Action Research Center, presented their work on community involvement. The audience learned about valuable IWU-community connections and how fieldwork strengthens the […]

Vetting Tari Renner – Part 2

Listed below are random items found by searching the Internet.  We are trying to paint a broad picture of what a Mayor Renner would look like. _________________________________________________________________ Announcement of candidacy for Mayor: So far the entire platform consists of spending.  Considering Dick Durbin and Barack Obama supported his congressional run, can we expect anything […]

Latest News from CityWatch

Attending the McLean County Regional Planning Commission meetings, one might think, would be a rather dull, uneventful and uninteresting waste of time.    Quite the contrary. Given the fact that this body of unelected townspeople have at their charge the power and ability to plan, design, orchestrate and guide some of the most important decisions of our […]

Renewable Energy Charade-Comparing Apples to Orangutans

One of the most important energy matters to accurately understand is that popular “renewable” electrical energy sources are not even remotely equivalent to our conventional energy sources. Not. Even. Close. Of course renewable lobbyists don’t want consumers and politicians to be aware of that reality, so they go to great lengths to disguise it. Everything […]