Vetting Dr David Gill

Below are links, video, and audio of information found on the web about Dr. Gill.  Many of them refer to his opponent as Tim Johnson since Tim dropped out AFTER the primary.  He as been replaced by Rodney Davis.



“My health care plan for “Improved Medicare For All” would be a way for people to have better health care, while also hanging on to more of their money by stopping the flow of 40 percent of our health care dollars into a black pit known as the private health insurance industry. And so, I don’t consider that an extremely progressive position. I consider it a people-oriented position.”

“The suffering and death caused by the lack of a single-payer healthcare system is really quite overwhelming, and as those awful stories receive much more exposure through a Congressman like me, I believe that the public can easily be educated about the situation. The public can readily be educated regarding the realities of healthcare financing here in America, as well as the mythology propagated by the health insurance and pharmaceutical companies. And once the public fully understands the situation, I think you’ll see some very dramatic anger and pressure brought to bear upon the members of Congress who oppose single-payer. Once people understand how much wealthier AND how much healthier they would be with single-payer, there will be a stiff price to pay at the ballot box for those who stand in the way of its implementation.”




“I support David Gill because I know he will have the courage to stand up to Wall Street and fight for middle-class Illinoisans everyday. David will make sure millionaires pay their fair share and he’ll be a strong voice for working men and women in the progressive tradition of my friend (and former boss) Lane Evans.

David Gill knows what it’s like to roll up your sleeves and work hard. He comes from a working-class family. When his father died, David started working as a dishwasher at 13 to help support his family. David worked stocking shelves to pay his way through college at U of I. He mopped floors at a laundromat in the middle of the night to put himself through medical school.

I trust David to be a passionate voice for middle-class people. I know David will protect the rights of workers. And who better than an ER doctor like David Gill to block the Republicans’ attempts to end Medicare as we know it? The bottom line is this: Illinois families need David Gill in Congress.”




2- What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

The private for-profit health insurance companies grow more powerful by the day, and I’d like to get to Washington to bring about real health care reform and lead our way toward an ” Improved Medicare for all” system. And let me be clear–it’s the system that needs changing. I speak against these health insurance companies all the time, but the fault really lies with elected representatives who side with health insurance companies and leave in place a system that allows them to control health care delivery. The health insurance companies are not evil–they’re just doing their job. It is not their job to care about this country or the well-being of American citizens. Their mission is to maximize return for their shareholders, and they do everything possible to achieve that mission. But the more success they have, the worse off the American people and the American economy are. By allowing for-profit companies to run health care in America, we wind up with the terrible results I mentioned earlier–spending twice as much per person as anywhere else in the world and ranking 37th in quality and leaving the vast majority either uninsured or underinsured.


January 2012

Progressive Message pro-choice, single payer health care supporter,

Dr Gill speaks admirably about caring for people, however, he thinks it’s governments job.  He also doesn’t understand death panels do exist and will limit access to healthcare for the elderly and very young.

FYI:  PDA Illinois stands for Progressive Democrats of America.  If you want to see what they stand for, click here:




“Tim Johnson isn’t consistent on much, but he has remained steadfast in opposing critical health services for women. He wants to cut access to reproductive services. He is against women making their own choices about their own bodies. He wants to limit access to birth control for millions of American women. I refuse to let Tim Johnson and his conservative friends win this war that they started.”

“…I’m focused on the fight to defeat Tim Johnson and the dangerous conservative movement that is seeking to roll back women’s rights 50 years.”



Note: Phil Hare is a former congressman defeated in 2010 by Bobby Shilling.  He is also the guy caught on tape saying the Constitution doesn’t matter.


Hare said Illinois families need more progressive voices in Congress. “I trust David to be a passionate voice for middle- class people,” Hare commented. “I know David will protect the rights of workers. And who better than an ER doctor like David Gill to block the Republicans’ attempts to end Medicare as we know it?”




So, the question is whether Gill, who supports a form of national health care, strongly supports abortion rights and thinks gay marriage is a matter of simple justice, can win in a district that includes swaths of rural territory not known as liberal hot spots.



Radio interview

Wants government managing ALL healthcare without insurance companies.  He thinks we will all be much wealthier if government is in charge.

He wants money out of politics and funding for campaigns all paid by the government.

Dr Gill does support term limits.



Dr Gill is a progressive with all the applicable talking points.  Under the guise of caring for the middle class, progressives want to engineer a country for “justice”.

If strongly believes in global warming and the jobs that supposedly go along with it.  He wants a national jobs program.  He firmly believes the Republican’s have a war on women.

If you like Barack Obama and Dick Durbin, Dr Gill is your guy.

There are plenty of articles and videos available on the internet for a Part 2 or even 3.  These totally represent what a Dr. Gill stands for and would try to achieve in DC.  Enough said.

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