Chicago Tribune endorses Erika Harold!

by:  Diane Benjamin I have nothing against Rep Rodney Davis’s voting record, but his attitude is a problem.  He has not held Town Hall meetings, opting instead for visiting businesses.  It is almost like he is afraid of tough questions.  Maybe the Chicago Tribune saw the same thing: Tribune endorsements for the U.S. House The […]


SPRINGFIELD – On a press conference call that just ended, 13th CD Democrat candidate Dr. David Gill and his staffer “Lucie” responded to IL GOP accusations of coordinating with the DCCC by reading a prepared statement for reporters concerning a fund Gill insists is funded by grassroots donations rather than the corporate donations. “The money being spent is from […]

Socialist Schakowsky backs Gill

Jan Schakowsky describes HERSELF as a socialist.  Since schools no longer teach what socialism is – here the brief:  destruction of capitalism, government control of the economy, jail or worse for objectors.  No socialist country has EVER been successful at pulling people out of poverty. Still thinking of voting for Dr. Gill? U.S. Rep. JAN SCHAKOWSKY, D-Evanston, […]

Davis-Gill Debate

If you think Nancy Pelosi should be back in charge of the House and Barack Obama should remain President, then vote for Gill.  His presentation tonight is in lock step with BIG government. government run healthcare was somehow tied to virtually every subject taxing millionaires and billionaires – Fair Share – cornerstone of campaign.  Of […]

What to Expect from Dr. Gill Tonight

In last night’s debate we saw President Obama draw a stark contrast between himself and Mitt Romney. Tonight marks the first of 3 debates with my opponent, Rodney Davis, and I plan to do the same.  I look forward to having the chance to speak to Rodney face-to-face about the issues affecting this district. It […]

Vetting Dr Gill x 312,567,678

Okay, just seems like that many times.  If you love our President – Gill is your guy! Tonight’s debate was a lively exchange. It’s clear Mitt Romney will say anything, including lie, to win the election.I support President Obama’s plans to protect Social Security and Medicare, increase access to college and hire more teachers. Please help […]

Fly on the Wall

When buzzing in my ear is too great to ignore – I must report! Dr. Gill – calling Dr. Gill – anybody home? Are you afraid to debate Rodney Davis?  I want to hear your thoughts on ANYTHING other than socialized medicine! You are running for the US House of Representatives, not the head of […]

Vetting Dr Gill again

Today Dr Gill sent out this email: Dear  Today, we started airing our newest ad, entitled “Susan.” Please watch it here.I’m glad my campaign can deliver this important message the day after Mitt Romney told us on national TV that uninsured people don’t need health coverage. Mitt says they can just go to the ER to […]

Vetting Dr. David Gill – again

Former Congressman Phil Hare endorsed Dr Gill for the 13 District seat vacated by Tim Johnson.  Johnson has defeated Dr. Gill 3 times. Phil Hare is a FORMER congressman because of this video: He was defeated by Bobby Shilling. Here is the link for the March story: Quote from the story: Hare said Illinois […]