Vetting David Gill – Part 2

From Dr Gill’s Facebook page:

Congress should be working to make college more affordable, not harder for middle-class families to pay for.
We need to demand action before Republicans allow Stafford student loan rates to double on July 1st.

We can’t let the do-nothing Republicans in control of Congress get away with forcing 7 million college kids to pay an extra $1000 a year to get their degrees.

Commentary:  If you like the left wing talking points – he’s your guy.  How about some truth Dr. Gill?

Neither party wants wants the interest rates to double.  The debate is over how to pay for the cut.  You might want to mention that the rate increase was part of the Affordable Care Act, they wanted the money to pay for more people on Medicaid.  It’s not Republicans standing in the way!  it’s the failure of BOTH parties to decide how best to proceed.

Do nothing Republicans?  How about do nothing Senate?  No budget for 3 years, no debate on job bills passed in the House?

More from Facebook:

David Gill for CongressUPDATE: The Democratic-led Senate has done its part and brokered a deal to keep loan rates from doubling. Now it’s up to the Republicans in Congress to stop dragging their heels.

Seth Archer much more important issue than censuring Holder on an issue he’s testified about 9 different times. the GOP halting politicking has become intolerable.

Sound like a candidate looking out for you?  Nancy Pelosi couldn’t have said it better.

How about The Huffington Post’s take on the interest rate increase:

(They are recapping 7 Obama lies in the past 33 days  )

#7. “If congress doesn’t act by the end of the month of June … interest rates on federal student loans will double overnight. That means the average student with those loans will rack up an additional $1,000 dollars in debt.” — from a speech by Obama on student loans at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (June, 7 2012)

To fact-check this claim, HuffPost reached out to Amy Laitinen, a higher education analyst who used to work in the Department of Education under the Obama administration. Laitinen explained that Obama is referring to a law passed in 2007 that reduced interest rates on federally-subsidized Stafford loans. The law is set to expire this summer, causing interest rates to double from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent.

Although that’s a big increase, only new loans would be affected, which means existing loans would keep their current low rates. Moreover, Laitinen said Stafford loans only account for about one-third of new loans. So, while the situation is not ideal for college students, it’s not nearly as dire as Obama made it seem.

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