Critical Race Theory: What it is and how to fight it

Christopher Rufo is in the forefront of exposing this Marxist ideology. Marx believed in class warfare. That wouldn’t work in America where most people believe anyone can succeed, so this theory is attempting to start a race war. The end goal is overthrowing capitalism and the Constitution. It does nothing to uplift minorities! The article […]

Three things you need to know

Rivian deliveries are now delayed until July 1st: EPA is using fictitious data to claim Global Warming: WEEK TV has a story on Wednesday night’s District 87 School Board meeting, unfortunately no video of the parents speaking but they are in the story:

2 Parent comments at District 87 School Board meeting:

By: Diane Benjamin VIDEO would be much better, but below is the text from 2 parents. I heard a report this morning from the Attorney General’s office about kids posting inappropriate pictures online. Parents and government, what did you think would happen when you are sexualizing kids in kindergarten? The next school board meeting is […]

Slavery Does Not Define the Black American Experience

Slavery was horrible, but it was not the primary factor that built this country, and its historical existence does not permanently stain our nation’s legacy. It should never be denied — and no one in fact does deny this — that the “land of the free” once used captives from other societies almost as cattle. […]

For Parents who care what their kids are taught:

By: Diane Benjamin Remember last summer when statues were being torn down by BLM and Antifa? Did you wonder why Abraham Lincoln statues were a target? It sounds like we found out because of public comment at last night’s District 87 Board meeting. Your kids are being taught Lincoln didn’t free anyone and this country […]

Tesla Solar Panel fires

By: Diane Benjamin Remember this story about a solar panel fire at the Walmart in Decatur? Just a few days ago another Walmart roof caught fire. It had solar panels. This time it was in Macomb: This 2019 article claims solar panel fires at 7 Walmarts have occured. Panels were install on 240 […]

House tried to fix this, Senate blocking it

By: Diane Benjamin On April 22nd the Illinois House passed HB 2523 116 to 0. For once every Democrat and every Republican agreed: What is HB 2523? This bill amends the language in the original bill that created the Police Officers Pension Investment Fund. Remember when pension funds were consolidated to hopefully perform better? […]

Connect Transit meeting today

By: Diane Benjamin So close to $1 million lost: Ridership has started to recover, it isn’t back: A few expenses paid: Connect still hasn’t found a new Executive Director. They do keep meeting in secret however. PDF page 25: Insurance coverage is going to cost $614,226 for FY 2022. That is a 16.5% increase. […]

The rest of the Water Tower story

By: Diane Benjamin Follow up to this story: From an insider source: The water tower that is visible on the west side of north Veterans Parkway is still not being used. It is now enshrined as a monument to government incompetence. Add it to the never used fire station #5. At least it can […]

Bloomington last night

By: Diane Benjamin Jamie Mathy reported Jenn Carrillo did not participate because she was experiencing internet problems. The City extended the Post Office lease in the Market Street parking garage for 18 months. Usually the lease is for 5 years, the City reduced it because they are planning to replace the garage. A contract was […]

I stand with the local Jewish community

By: Diane Benjamin Any surprise the local socialists support Palatine? Hitler was the head of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. WGLT story: Facts: Israel is the only democracy in the Arab world. GAZA is not a democracy. Israel is a strong ally and share the values of America. Hamas is an identified terrorist […]

Remember the unused water tower?

By: Diane Benjamin Bloomington has two water towers. One is located in Normal. According to this 2015 story, that one was not being used: Staff admitted in 2015 it wasn’t being used. The buzz back in 2015 is detailed in the story. At the last meeting in April the Council the services agreement with […]

District 87 parents fighting the wrong battle

By: Diane Benjamin Has District 87 has gone “woke”? Is Martin Luther King’s dream of a color blind society is dead? Government’s biggest fear is we all get along and we don’t need them. Color blind can’t be tolerated, it was working too well. Americans believe hard work always led to success. Personal responsibility allows […]

Pam Reece: Health Czar

By: Diane Benjamin Chris Koos and Pam Reece signed a new Executive Order yesterday: If the Town attorney approved this order he is luckily his name isn’t on it. The title is Mask Requirements for Public Facilities and Employees. Obviously this applies to the public or an ordinance would not be needed to create […]

Two more things

By: Diane Benjamin 1) Ford’s F150 electric battery weighs 1800 pounds: That is the weight of a Volkswagen Beetle. Is Rivian’s the same? What happens to your car if you get hit by one of these tanks? 1800 pounds is just the battery. 2) The Pantagraph printed a picture of a Rivian employee charging […]

Bloomington Monday night

By: Diane Benjamin The interim Police Chief, Greg Scott, presented the departments annual report as did Eric West the Fire Chief. Both the police and fire have trouble staffing their departments. Highlights from the Police report: Selling on Facebook Marketplace has resulted in robberies. Cameras film the parking lot in front of the Police Station. […]

Town of Normal: Your water is fine

By: Diane Benjamin Bloomington’s meeting last night will have to wait until tomorrow! Would you drink this? This is water from S. Coolidge in Normal, if the homeowner didn’t have a filter system this is what it would look like. The owner claims his neighbors are too afraid to complain. I hear that frequently from […]

The local Anti Semites

By: Diane Benjamin See below: Apartheid isn’t accurate, The Israel Knesset has Arab members. Colonialism? Look at a map. Israel is the size of New Jersey surrounded by Arab countries. Military occupation? Israel’s military left Gaza years ago, the occupying force is funded by Iran. Equality? Do they prefer socialism or communism? Everybody will be equally […]

Normal: If I only had a brain

By: Diane Benjamin The only big controversy at the 7:00 meeting was this item: See PDF page 46 for details: Stan Nord pulled this item from the Consent Agenda because this spending was not bid as required by code. In other words, Normal has been a member of the MICA pool for decades, therefore […]

Progressives never stop

By: Diane Benjamin Creating new words and pushing social changes is what progressives do. Shortly they will change from “progressive” as Americans push back, if they already haven’t. Once they think normalizing this agenda has happened they will move on to their next agenda item. District 87: Kids aren’t allowed to be kids. Teachers aren’t […]

U of I sort of cancels masks

By: Diane Benjamin At this point, all students, faculty and staff who live in University Housing or are participating in any on-campus activities are still required to be up-to-date on their on-campus COVID-19 testing. This is currently in place even for people who are fully vaccinated. As previously announced, this will change for the Fall 2021 […]

And the LOSER is: the underpass

By: Diane Benjamin The comments submitted on the underpass project were received by FOIA. The comments were overwhelmingly negative with a few submitted in support by the usually Koos allies. The only difference between going ahead with the underpass and the Coliseum, both not supported by residents, is Koos and company got the entire […]