I stand with the local Jewish community

By: Diane Benjamin

Any surprise the local socialists support Palatine? Hitler was the head of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

WGLT story: https://www.wglt.org/local-news/2021-05-23/community-members-gather-in-uptown-for-stand-for-palestine-vigil?fbclid=IwAR0bknGfIpae75_4278ez7TvdD40s-ZvhxzyImQkXi5J6yHgcBOV0X4gulY


Israel is the only democracy in the Arab world.

GAZA is not a democracy.

Israel is a strong ally and share the values of America.

Hamas is an identified terrorist organization.

The Palestinians have been offered a two state solution numerous times, they want Israel wiped off the map instead.

Arabs do live in Israel and are represented in their government.

A Jew in GAZA would be murdered.

4000 missiles or more were launched from GAZA, Israel took extraordinary measures to only hit military targets.

Hamas kill some of their own people with missiles that failed to reach Israel, they targeted civilians in Israel not military.

Children in GAZA are taught to hate Israel and become martyrs. Peace would be easy if Palestine wanted it.

I can’t imagine how the local jewish community felt

knowing people who hate them rallied in Uptown.

Attacks on the Jewish community in America are rapidly accelerating. We vowed “Never Again”. We all must take a stand against the misinformation spewed by people who don’t want Israel to exist.

More facts as composed by a jew:

The time for sitting on the sidelines is over!

Why don’t the local muslims care about the muslim Uighurs enslaved in China? Hypocrisy? Seen any rallies for them?

Delete button ready!

13 thoughts on “I stand with the local Jewish community

  1. Everyone should read some ancient history. Palestine has never existed as a country nor has there ever been a “Palestinian people”. The term Palestinian was created as an insult to the Philistines by Roman conquers who took over the region from Jewish and wanderer tribe sects of people who were neither Jewish or Arab. Modern day “Palestinians” are descendents of ancient wanderer tribes that never had a true homeland and in ancient times, really didn’t want or need one. The arguments are solely political based as they have been for thousands of years and will likely be debated for hundreds of thousands more and are centered on the concept of who has rights to the Levant. Ancient Jewish tribes were driven from current Israel, Gaza and the West Bank thousands of years ago. The entire region has been has been fought over and conquered by various peoples since it was populated. This is just the latest version. It never ends.

  2. Good grief! That WGLT article is absolutely rife with propaganda. Goebbels would be so proud. Can anyone tell me why taxpayers still pay for this garbage, whether federal or local?

  3. Remember WHO fired the FIRST missile!!!
    Aggression is USUALLY answered with “paybacks”!

  4. As a local Jew, I am disgusted hearing about this ‘rally’. It is truly appalling many won’t stop until all Jews are dead. I stand with Israel, always, and forever.

  5. Has anyone else noticed when the “mean Orange tweeter” was running this country, things were quite peaceful in Israel? Now that 0bama is in his 3rd term, the unrest and missile strikes start up again. That’s what we get when a Saul Alinsky radical Muslim is in charge.

    1. Oh yeah, and it took no time at all, of course Lurch was over there keeping a finger in the pot all the time, they only needed Obama back, er, I mean Biden in office to get everything back on track again. The gullibility and the ignorance of so many of the rank and file Left is appalling. I can’t even call them sheep, even sheep are more cautious and curious than your average leftist these days.

  6. Not in Our Town is very silent about the 200 plus anti Jewish attacks across the country in the past twelve days.

  7. Please correct me if you think that this statement is wrongas I find it quite curios. Jewish bankers financed both sides of the war, WWII.

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