Remember the unused water tower?

By: Diane Benjamin

Bloomington has two water towers. One is located in Normal. According to this 2015 story, that one was not being used:

Staff admitted in 2015 it wasn’t being used. The buzz back in 2015 is detailed in the story.

At the last meeting in April the Council the services agreement with Arthur J Gallagher for $1,084,576 for insurance coverage. During the discussion City Manager Tim Gleason mentioned the City had TWO extraordinary losses.

I’m sure you remember the Lake Bloomington Fire, but what was the second one? Since not knowing was still bothering me last week I emailed Tim Gleason and asked.

He responded with this:

The other major claim was the Ft Jesse Water Tank. Lighting strike damaged a pumping station and pumped additional water into the already full tank and caused major damage. I can get you more detail but it can also be found in the insurance presentation to Council a few meetings ago.

I emailed him back saying I was under the impression that tank isn’t used. He said he didn’t know about past use but both tanks are now used daily.

I then tried to find information in the documents Council received concerning the presentation. It begins on PDF page 269:

Reading numerous pages on insurance is like watching paint dry, but I saw no mention of either the Lake Bloomington Fire or damage to the water tower. I did find this:

The above is on PDF page 298, it appears both old and new tanks are covered under the proposal.

New tank and pump?

Are there now two water towers?

It’s nice to know the water tower I was told isn’t being used is now being used, but now I have even more questions. Stay tuned.

10 thoughts on “Remember the unused water tower?

  1. What do you have to stir up shit ALL the time ? are you that bored with your life ?

  2. Thanks again, Diane, for all the research you do. As I was looking through the attached PDF, I once again noticed all of the appointed, unelected bureaucrats. There are more of them than there are elected representatives. They are making decisions that impact the city and the residents. Also I noticed they don’t buy local. Did they go through the bidding process and buy from the least expensive dealership?

    1. Local dealerships are not interested in bidding, it is not part of their business model.

  3. Confucious say, “The more often the shit is stirred up, the less often someone has to eat it.”

  4. I thought Bloomington’s unused and inoperable water tank was the one north east along Old 66 out by Starks’ ready-mix plant – you know, the one that wasn’t built tall enough to generate any water pressure.

  5. I have done work on a number of water tanks. Overflow pipes and hatches are designed to prevent pressurization if overfilled. If I was the insurance company, I would investigate before paying.

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