District 87 parents fighting the wrong battle

By: Diane Benjamin

Has District 87 has gone “woke”? Is Martin Luther King’s dream of a color blind society is dead?

Government’s biggest fear is we all get along and we don’t need them. Color blind can’t be tolerated, it was working too well. Americans believe hard work always led to success. Personal responsibility allows anyone to great their own utopia.

District 87 wants “Equity” instead. Equity hands fake success to those who didn’t earn it by taking from those who did.


DEI was established in January 2021. Three subcommittees were formed, they are listed on the above link. The main page claims agendas and documents can be found by clicking on the subcommittees. Try it – nothing there. They have yet to meet since January!?! The committees supposedly meet monthly.

Schools should be providing EQUAL opportunity to all students. Equity means bringing down top achievers and bringing up low achievers without actual achievement. America stands for individual responsibility, we don’t punish success – we celebrate it.

Some schools have ended honors programs because it makes the unqualified feel bad. No one benefits from excellence being extinguished in the name of equity.

Other schools have had 1st graders deconstruct their racial and sexual identities. Others have to rank themselves in a “power and privilege” scale.

Since the subcommittees have no documents or agendas posted, what are they doing?

District 87 already claims to be the most diverse district. Then why do they need more diversity? Will teachers be hired based on their skin color? Not only is that racist but not hiring the best and brightest teachers means your kids get a substandard education.

Skin color was supposed to be immaterial, to most of America it still is.

Parents need to know if District 87 is sneaking Critical Race Theory into the schools. Don’t fall for being called a racist or being told whiteness is unconscious bias. CRT is meant to divide people into their own groups and permanently keep them from associating outside their group. Marxism has invaded colleges and universities, it is working it’s way down now.

You deserve to know what your child is being taught. The kids already have a year a substandard education on zoom, they need an actual education not an indoctrination. The uneducated are easier to manipulate, inner-cities schools graduate kids that can’t read, write, or do math. Think that is by accident?

We are not a systemically racist country. The police aren’t a bunch of racists. We were not founded in 1619. Critical Race Theory intends to end America. By teaching kids everybody’s opinions matter because of diversity, equity, and inclusiveness they are being taught to tolerate opinions that will destroy America. (Socialism, communism, etc etc)

The goal is the exact opposite of judging people on their character. America needs people of character now more than ever. Parents need to prove their character by standing up for their kids.

12 thoughts on “District 87 parents fighting the wrong battle

  1. So Affirmative Action failed because it didn’t go far enough? It wasn’t enough to give minorities preferences? Now we have to humiliate people with lighter pigmentations to make it “equitable”? What’s the next step? Reparations for equity? And when that doesn’t work (which it won’t) shall we enslave whites? Will everyone be happy then?
    Are we climbing the wrong ladder to success again?

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      1. Looks like that’s what its going to take. I know for a fact that there are teachers and administrators that are having a very hard time accepting the things that the state administration is telling them that they have to teach.

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  2. We are climbing the correct ladder according to the world globalists. Doing graduate work in social work in the late seventies, we were taught to assess individual for what their needs and vulnerabilities were and match them with services and then evaluate their progress… In recent discussions I heard dopey stuff like ‘they need more resources and they are economically deprived” . It seems now that there is a entire generation of social workers that want to change the system so they clients of services, fit in. Sorry guys that is ass backwords and we won’t see any benefit for our clients other than ‘freebies’. When you hear crap like ‘ there is a disproportionate amount of X people taken into foster care or in prison… you have to wonder if the powers to be missed that maybe the clients behavior caused the foster care placement or incarceration!
    If only I was a bartender like my dad wanted me to be!

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    1. Garibaldi,
      It’s not just social workers, it’s also city council members who say that because there are a disproportionate amount of X people in jail or prison we should “divest” from the police and the prison system. Bloomington Councilwoman Jenn Carrillo says that the cause of the problem is the racist police, not the ones being arrested for their crimes.

      In Bloomington, we could have had a mayor and 3 more council members elected this year that believe the same thing.

      If our educational (now indoctrination) system teaches our children that this kind of thinking is correct, it won’t be long before this convoluted thought becomes prevalent.

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    2. The social workers I have known like it that way. They would rather blame everything on society than the people they are presumably suppose to help. Besides, if they corrected any problems they would be out of a job. Better to keep making excuses and keep getting paid. Most of them are more screwed up in the head than the people they are trying to help.


  3. As a former CSW I know exactly what you mean, and it is a good part of why I did not bother keeping up my accreditation/license after a few years, I could barely stand a lot of those people (other CSWs) . What is being attempted/done is the ramping up of the bigotry of low expectations, the most insidious and destructive type of racism and bigotry around. Unless there a lot of changes fairly soon or enough people finally stand up and say ENOUGH they will keep right on a’rollin’ directly off the cliff, which is, I suppose the ultimate goal anyway whether some of them realize it or not.

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