You should have come!

By: Diane Benjamin

People, you can’t be locked into any candidate for governor of Illinois yet. It is going to take a TON of money to run against silver spoon baby Pritzker. The GOP candidate has got to able to attract money. We don’t know who can right now.

Gary Rabine was worth hearing from because he has conservative credentials. He has Art Laffer advising him on economics. He was on the Board of Directors of Turning Point USA. He supported Jeanne Ives run for governor against Rauner. He also has built several businesses from the ground up.

It is your job as voters to inform yourself. Don’t miss future opportunities to actually meet the people who want to represent you.

13 thoughts on “You should have come!

  1. Yes, I was glad to meet Gary. He’s got a lot of energy and passion, seems to be very intelligent, very personable, a boots on the ground business background and has some great people in his corner already. An impressive combination.

    The democrats have an Achilles heal with their nonsensical economic and social policies. Gary seems to have a handle on that. He says that economist Art Laugher is excited to be working with him and about his chance to turn around Illinois. Gary told us that Art says if you don’t like something, tax it, it will die. No better example of that than Illinois.

    Just hope Mr. Rabine can overcome the socialist/democrat’s command of the media to get his message across.

  2. I am an absolutley strong advocate of voting but still their has to be a better awareness of whois counting the votes. The demonrats learn better how to cheat as they go. They love their power and refuse to give up a nickels worth. Yes,keep voting but get some good people into the pipeline of counting the votes.Perhaps I’m a hard headed old stanky but i just DO NOT believe for a minute that the re-election of Koos and crew was without some shenagigans going on.

  3. The message you displayed could be for anyone one and any party. He says nothing here or on his web site about pension reform. He’s already DOA for governor!! He nor anyone else will be able to put IL back on an economic track forward until after constitutional pension reform and a balanced budget is in place. The best future plan for the effete GOP is to wait until pensions and taxes cause IL to become insolvent and implode. Once the ‘pension intercepts” have been used up and when there is no money, no more pension and health care benefits will be paid. AFSCME and every other public employee/beneficiary will drop the Dems like a hot rock. But, I have no confidence that the GOP can cope with the pension crisis or any other major issue that IL taxpayers face. It is such a shame that the IL political class can not take positive action on the obvious and turn IL into a growth state before complete collapse. The states that former IL residents are fleeing to are already displaying caution lights on RE taxes, property insurance availability, dependable energy sources, overcrowding, poor infrastructure, poor medical availability, crime and more. The cycle of outbound could be reversed if only the political class had the spine, courage and critical thinking skills to implement the changes that WILL happen, one way or the other.

    Mr. Rabine should review the Wirepoints Special Reports on IL financial woes and become informed on the real issues and corrective actions needed.

    1. Nice point regarding these southern and southwestern states. I also believe fresh water will be an issue that they will have difficulty addressing. There is also the hurricane issue for Florida. I recall that following some of the worst hurricanes years ago people fled Florida and the population decline took a years to regain.

  4. Regarding Old Stanky’s post I write this with all due respect: As County Clerk our office administers the election in Normal and county; all but City of Bloomington elections which are administered by the Bloomington Election Commission. In my nearly 12 years as Clerk, and same with the former Clerk’s, there has never been a verified case of voter suppression or voter fraud in McLean County. Election Judges are our friends and neighbors, Republicans and Democrats, who undergo mandated training and are required to be residents of McLean County. Our election equipment has to undergo mandated testing by the State Board of Elections before and following each election with several reports mandated to be filed under strict deadlines. While we encourage and welcome watchdogs and poll watchers at each election, I would ask that before rumors come forward, that proof comes with the rumors. Personally, I would say to indicate there are problems with our election process or in any county, that facts come with the discussions otherwise, voters might tend to just “give up” and not even bother to vote. We encourage everyone, including Old Stanky, to work as an election judge. The pay is $200 for the very long day, and it gives one a much better understanding of the entire process. Just Google McLean County Clerk, click on the Elections link, for all contact information.

  5. Conservatives must get together for one candidate and go all in for the one that wins the primary. The dems band together on everything why cant the republicans? We had a great candidate in Ives and who sent out all the false mailings. Rauner… Did anyone call him out. Mailings probably paid for by the republicans.

  6. @Kathy Michael. While I respect you and your position of service , at the end of the day I believe McLean County under your leadership purchased Dominion voting machines. Which were connected to the internet and in my opinion there is already enough factual information that these voting machines connected to the internet have issues. In my opinion it has nothing to do with the election. Judges. As an IT person once the voting machine is connected to the internet anything is hackable. If a pipeline, hospital, bank , etc. came be hacked a voting machine can be as well. My next question is did you get a grant to purchase these? If so who funded the grant? Mark Zuckerberg? Because that is how some counties were able to purchase their machines. The voting laws and processes have to change to be more secure. Voting machines should not be connected to the internet. Period! At least some states are making changes our state will not because we are flooded with corruption and incompetence!

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