Family wrestles with state Medicaid bureaucracy

Originally posted on BlnNews :
by:  Steve Stout 6/1/2013 A Streator family, frustrated by the state’s constantly changing Medicaid rules and regulations, worries about the future well-being of their medically fragile son and other children like him as they fight the bureaucracy for help to keep his costly prescriptions within the family’s reach. Gary…

Butler GONE, quite a show

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve heard from reliable sources that John Butler and crew are gone from the Coliseum as of today. I also hear he was busy shredding documents.  Police were present, but I have no idea why.  City officials were present yesterday. What was Butler paid for the 10-year-old fully depreciated concession equipment? The […]

In Honor of Tari’s re-election bid:

By:  Diane Benjamin The Total Budget Tari inherited in 2013:  $167 million Tari’s first budget – 2014:  $169.4 million 2015 Budget:  $180.4 million 2016 Budget: $186.3 million Proposed 2017 Budget:  206.9 million (Evidently the stacked Council is going to pass it as is) Spending increased $39.9 million in 4 years! […]

Allin Fire – Say What?

By:  Diane Benjamin See what the Allin Fire Protection District reported to the State of Illinois here for the year ended 5/30/2015: The link shows Revenues of $208,281 It shows Expenses of $203,005 _________________ According to this document:  Allin Fire Revenues were $238,906.88 (including a $45,000 operating loan) Expenses were $237,647.56 Neither number is […]

The IML scam

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari Renner and David Hales love to tout the greatness of the Illinois Municipal League.  From the IML website: The Illinois Municipal League is the formal voice for Illinois municipalities. The League was founded in 1913 and has worked continuously for the benefit of municipalities, promoting competence and integrity in administration of […]