Remember “downtown won’t cost . . .”

By:  Diane Benjamin

Mayor Renner has claimed many times downtown development won’t cost taxpayers a cent up front.  Monday the consultant gets a check however.  See the 3/28/2016 Bills and Payroll

It isn’t a cent – it’s $41,625.75

Page 91:


More Payments:

$25,000 to Chicago Title for the land purchased on Main Street earlier this month:

Page 94:

807 main___________________________

Coliseum reports are still not available for the 3rd Quarter (ended 1/31/16).

This is labeled 4th Quarter Operation Expenses.

Page 85:



Page 18:

More consultants:



Eating at your expense was down!

Page 96:


Many departments love to travel to conferences.  Browse through the P-Card spending starting on page 96.

I guess the City doesn’t know the private sector uses the Internet now.



One thought on “Remember “downtown won’t cost . . .”

  1. When calculating the money spent on a downtown hotel, don’t forget to add the cost of the original Hotel Feasibility Study which is being used as a reference for the current project. There was a tremendous amount of Staff time, Attorney’s fees and expense for the failed Front & Center project proposal of May 2015.
    The cost of the Main Street property is about the same as the cost for the 2 parcels behind the library. So, the City has spent a least $2M for vacant land in the past 18 months.


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