Tari’s free lunches

By:  Diane Benjamin This receipts were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.  The PCard report only stated Business Lunch – Tari Renner.  Since Tari’s calendar had already been obtained by FOIA, I can tell who he ate with.  (click on the receipts to enlarge)         Either their shared or Jim paid […]

Pantagraph: Real news?

By:  Diane Benjamin A reader sent me the following email.  The Pantagraph is legendary for getting the facts wrong, but they can’t get their own facts straight? These guys can be trusted to accurately report news? (Note:  Another example of why I started BlnNews more than 4 years ago.) . . .  

Normal’s Board election

By:  Diane Benjamin Of course the vote is fixed in Normal.  The Chamber of Commerce picks the biggest spenders and advertises for them.   Only Koos approved YES people get appointed to vacancies. Still, it doesn’t take that many votes to win a seat.  The biggest problem is candidates are forced to run in the […]

Let’s steal an election

By:  Diane Benjamin Almost four years ago, Bloomington voted for Tari Renner as Mayor.  He was elected with 5005 votes.  Total registered voters were 46,740.  The election was stolen by the few people who bothered to vote, a lot of them IWU students who have graduated and left Bloomington. Kevin Lower was elected with 615 […]

Jim Fruin: Compare Benefits

By:  Diane Benjamin At last Monday’s council meeting the City looked at changing health insurance benefits for employees.  Alderman Jim Fruin mentioned the City coverage should be compared to the private sector to see if City benefits are “gold-plated”. The plan for just my husband and myself (through his employer) changed as of July 1st.  […]

Why your basement floods

By:  Diane Benjamin h/t A local businessman If you leave along Clinton in Bloomington and are experiencing flooding problems, blame your City. See the pics below – note some show well established weeds blocking drainage – not to mention lots of debris. How about all that hired summer help spend the last half hour every […]