Renner lies to Laughlin AGAIN!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Two days ago Renner was on WJBC with Scott Laughlin.  I only listened to the interview to hear what Tari said about the downtown hotel that was killed the next day.  (He gave no indication it was going to be killed!)

Here’s the interview:

Fast forward to 12:05.  Scott brings up Judy Stearns appearance last Monday during Public Comment.  Tari called her “grandstanding”.  He claims everything has been released and if anybody wants the audio he will get it to them.

NOTE TO TARI:  My FOIA request was denied!

denyzAnother Note to Tari:  NO minutes exist for the retreat!  NO video exists because the retreat was at the Den where video can’t be done.  Was that on purpose?

The public DOES NOT know what was discussed at the retreat because they didn’t want to sit around for 16 hours to observe (the two-day scheduled time).

Scott must love being lied to because he lets Tari do it over and over and over!

Hey Scott, while you are on vacation brush up on some facts:

Meanwhile, WJBC listeners need to know at least one host allows deceit to be spewed by Renner without challenge.





3 thoughts on “Renner lies to Laughlin AGAIN!

  1. Renner claims he will give the recording to anyone who wants it. He cannot release the audio without the Council’s approval. Know the law so you can adhere to it, Mr. Mayor. If he was serious about transparency, he would have provided the minutes and audio 2 1/2 years ago. Again, he is posturing and grandstanding! Again, in the public media, he claims Judy Stearns is “ridiculous.” If you listen carefully, he says he “won’t do that again”–referring to the violation at the retreat. Has he admitted his wrongdoing? Where is the apology to Judy? Maybe the failure of the downtown hotel moving forward is karma–the universe is proving him wrong in public.


  2. Anyone who runs a campaign promising transparency but in reality practices Deceive to Achieve has therefore labeled themselves for their next campaign.


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