Normal: Corporate Welfare

By:  Diane Benjamin The handouts of tax money continue in Normal on TUESDAY.  Unless developers are paid to build in Uptown it doesn’t happen. Monday’s giveaway teeters on laughable.  The documentation claims the $1.6 million project will not go forward unless a rebate from sales tax of $150,000 is approved. Can you see the bulls-eye placed […]

The highway department employee electrocuted yesterday

By:  Diane Benjamin The County confirmed the death of Scott Bundy earlier today. Scott is survived by his wife Shana and 3 small children.  Sources who know the family say he was also raising one of his sister’s children after she was killed in a house fire. The same source tells me Scott’s mother […]

Tari Then and Now plus council last night

By:  Diane Benjamin May 11, 2016, Tari on WJBC: At the very end:  Tari states that having NO Video Gaming in Bloomington should be on the table.  He groused about it making more need for police, especially when combined with alcohol. The rest is entertaining if you want to relive history.  Downtown, downtown, downtown.  […]

One final response to Kathleen

By:  Diane Benjamin One person responded to Kathleen Lorenz’s survey with more information than requested.  He accuses Kathleen of campaigning one way on issues and then changing after being reelected.  Then he goes on to call Stan Nord “not a nice guy” and a “bully”. Jeff must prefer politicians that misrepresent their positions to get […]

Lorenz, Koos, and Nord – PART 1

See Part 2: By:  Diane Benjamin In the above article Chris Koos said this to WGLT when he tried to denigrate Stan Nord: Has WGLT or the Pantagraph reported Stan Nord has proof Koos lied to them? Nope! According to Koos, Trustees aren’t allowed to gather information – the staff does […]

Comparing government to government

By:  Diane Benjamin Evidently local governments don’t know that a $15 minimum wage is coming thanks to the State of Illinois.  Your taxes will go up along with the price of everything.  People will lose jobs because mandatory wages mean some businesses will cease to exist.  Other businesses will increase the price of their products […]

Connect Transit proves government doesn’t work

By:  Diane Benjamin Some people think Medicare for All would be fabulous.  Dig slightly deeper folks, it would be a disaster! Compare Medicare for All to Connect Transit.  Some people think access to public transportation is a “right”, these same people think healthcare is a “right”.  Neither are “rights” because both require other people to […]

Bloomington Monday 8-26

By:  Diane Benjamin Bills and Payroll: Indoctrination camps, the Illinois Municipal League represents cities, not taxpayers: The Coliseum continues to bleed taxpayers: This is year THREE for the Small Business Development Center.  Is anybody asking what has been developed? Option 1 (50/50 split): That the Resolution approving the Small Business Development Center funding […]

Catch a glimpse inside FOIA requests

By:  Diane Benjamin The Freedom of Information Act was created to insure citizens can obtain information about the government THEY pay for. All documents belong to citizens, not government.  There are a few exemptions to what can be withheld, but every FOIA request starts with the assumption documents are available to anybody who asks for […]

The Carrillo/Crabill circus continues

By:  Diane Benjamin Jenn Carrillo makes up history and twists facts to fit her own agenda:  she wants democratic socialism.  She will tell you that democratic socialism is much different from just plain old socialism, but it isn’t.  Anybody who thinks government is capable of running your life better than you skipped civics and history. […]

Council Member Jenn: Hate America?

Read this email exchange Jenn Carrillo had with a citizen of Bloomington. If Jenn thinks America is such an evil place, why is she here? Obviously her parents came to America (illegally) and brought her along for some reason, what was it Jenn? Congrats Ward 6 on electing a representative who thinks white people are racists. […]

Normal meeting last night

By:  Diane Benjamin The Normal Council meeting last night edged close to boring.  Trustee comments at the end were more interesting than most of the meeting. Both Karyn Smith and Stan Nord brought up the empty seat for Normal on the Connect Transit Board.  No response from Koos. The American Legion will be installing a […]

Bring in the clowns

by:  Diane Benjamin Oh wait – they are already here: Jenn Carrillo still thinks being an alderman requires a public displays of sexuality: Jeff Crabill decided to stage his own protest with a T-shirt: This is what the shirt says: Jeff confirmed everything the democrat party is saying: People here illegally are more important than […]

Bloomington Tonight – Connect Transit and more

By:  Diane Benjamin Tonight a representative from the McLean County Regional Planning Commission will talk about local transit. She will be followed by the Connect Transit’s General Manager. Prediction:  Neither speaker will mention the buses are too big to serve the people with no other means of transportation.  Neither speaker will recognize the huge […]

Feel sorry for Fazzini?

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve known for quite awhile that for Bloomington Alderman Rob Fazzini had sued people involved with the Cornbelters.  Since I was at the courthouse yesterday I decided to pull the court documents. If you ever want to see a file, get the Case Number from Public Access ( ), then go to the […]

Fun stuff! Normal suing Bloomington?

By:  Diane Benjamin I thought Chris Koos was all lovey-dovey with Tari Renner now and Metrozone was just a footnote in history. Maybe not: An email received by FOIA.  Did Normal forget to redact this one on the basis of pending litigation, or did Normal want the info out? If you forgot, Metrozone was an […]

Rodriquez likely won’t stand trial

By:  Diane Benjamin The Jose Rodriquez case had a hearing today concerning the accident that killed Corey Cottrell. The State’s Attorney wanted a September trial, the judge set another hearing for September 11th so Jose could be present.  He is currently in ICE detention in Wisconsin. ICE will probably deport Rodriquez before he stands trial.  […]

Who is the Working Group working for?

By:  Diane Benjamin Why was the Connect Transit Working Group formed? Think back: People disenfranchised by route changes, non ADA compliance, fare increases, and huge empty buses showed up at City Council meetings (over and over) demanding changes. These people had tried talking to the Connect Transit Board and were ignored. They tried talking to […]