The Carrillo/Crabill circus continues

By:  Diane Benjamin

Jenn Carrillo makes up history and twists facts to fit her own agenda:  she wants democratic socialism.  She will tell you that democratic socialism is much different from just plain old socialism, but it isn’t.  Anybody who thinks government is capable of running your life better than you skipped civics and history.

Jenn is the poster child for why borders are needed.  Having spent years  as an undocumented illegal she missed what makes America a shining city on a hill.  She was likely terrified her family was going to be picked up and deported.  Jenn, ask your parents why they did that to you.

The Crabill and now Carrillo nonsense is really two separate issues:

Illegal immigration


Jenn and Jeff’s ilk put them together not realizing “racism” is now a meaningless term.  Labeling everyone who doesn’t agree with you a racist has become a way of life.  It is also now laughable.   Consider it a badge of honor to be called racist.  The term is now only used when facts don’t support the position of the supposed victim.

Instead of everybody gets a trophy, everybody is now a victim!  

Illegal immigration is a totally different issue.  What’s the purpose of immigration?  According to Jenn, anybody who wants to move here should be allowed.  Wrong answer.  Immigration must benefit the country.  For decades both parties have abused illegal immigrants, democrats hoping for votes and republicans for cheap labor.  It’s the new slavery.  Remember those meat packing plants raided by ICE?  Those illegals couldn’t report not getting paid, not getting overtime, or horrible working conditions.  They made themselves slaves in hopes of a paycheck.  Americans lined up outside after the ICE raids to apply for jobs, so it wasn’t a case of  “jobs Americans won’t do.”

Voluntary slavery isn’t the America anyone wants.  The truth is that’s what we have.  Jenn and Jeff’s support for illegal immigration should be shocking, of course Jeff left the “illegal” part off his shirt.  America needs immigrants, the legal kind.  We need people who come here for freedom and liberty and assimilate into society.   Slavery was abolished over 150 years ago, importing slaves shouldn’t be supported by anyone!

Not importing drugs, gang members, and child traffickers along with illegals is just another benefit of closing the border.  Racism has NOTHING to do with it.

Opposing illegal immigration isn’t racist.  It’s common sense.  

Jenn has a different idea, she posted this video to Facebook yesterday.  It proves her oath of office was meaningless and why she is unfit to represent Ward 6.  Bloomington can cancel their Economic Development department, businesses won’t flock to this circus.

Did former Alderman Diana Hauman really agree with Jeff’s shirt as WJBC has reported?  Speaks volumes if true, I know she supported his candidacy.

Don’t forget:  These are Renner’s People:


22 thoughts on “The Carrillo/Crabill circus continues

  1. Mentally ill. Uneducated, uninformed, and clueless. Does she know that Mexican, Guatemalan, Columbian, Peruvian are NOT races. They are nationalities.

    Definition of racism

    1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

    Where does it say people from xxxx country? There are white people that live in Mexico, and all of those other countries mentioned above. There are brown people, There are black people.

    The socialists use the term to try to intimidate others. Not going to work.

  2. I have a White male friend that was born and raised in South Africa and immigrated here and is a U S Citizen. When, because of his accent, someone ask him where he is from originally,he loves to say that he is “An Afro-American.”

  3. What gets me the most is the smugness of these wingnuts, as if they’re enlightened to some utopian plan for the future, while conveniently ignoring the history of socialism.

  4. The video posted by Jenn is actually racist. Does Council Member Crabill want Jenn deported?
    Do Council Members Carrillo and Crabill want former President Obama and Senator Bernie Sanders deported? Both of them must be racist since they oppose open borders.

  5. I noticed Council Member Crabill liked Jenn Carrillos racist video. Is Jeff Crabill going to deport himself?

  6. These are the same tricks used by leftist political radicals of the 1960’s and 70’s. They are as old ten year shoe leather but effective on those that do not know better. Both municipal councils are dominated by people of this ilk. Growing up in South Florida, Renner was likely influenced by relatives and others who had Carribeann roots who knew nothing but being under the thumb of dictators. I have long suspected that his mother was very radical politically and passed it on to sonny boy. Everyone knows the political history of the Koos family. Both these men have gone out of their way to radicalize both councils hoping their far left politics will take hold among the locals. They are narcissists to the core and surround themselves with like minded people who believe they are omni-potent. What you now have is the result. Local leadership based on political fantasies that are not based on real world realities.

    1. And they discard decades old friendships. Chris wants nothing more than to be Jesse Fell 2.0.

      They’re both crooks. I used to respect Greg for his work until I found out he was just spending tax money. I hope Chris ends up on American greed.

  7. I just LOVE crowd pictures featuring Tari. It’s usually “Spot the Antifa Operatives”. Kind of a Leftwing Radical version of “Where’s Waldo”. (BTW: There is at least 1 in this particular picture.)

    Crazy Jenn and Crabill are just Bernie and Liz Warren, at the local level. Same ideology. Same results.

  8. I just watched Jenns video for a second time and I swear my IQ dropped 10 points as a result
    I agree with Jenn that reverse discrimination does not exist. Racism against white skin and any skin color is just plain old racism. And her speech in this video is just plain old racism.

  9. No such think as REVERSE RACISM and it’s not color blind, and Racism DON’T come in ALL COLORS? Jen: Maybe you SHOULD smoke dope and put down the crack pipe, or SWITCH to crack light, maybe switch to a milder coffee blend? WHAT kind of term is CRACKER, or Jew or Dago or GYPSY?? Just pick most ANY nationality. For GOD’S sake girl, get a grip on reality and STAY OFF THE INTERNET until you at least get the FACTS right.. One ALMOST has to believe that GOD made people of color so that there ARE differences between them, and when people LIKE YOU keep hammering on such a point -THAT’S RACISM! Ever heard the term IGNORE IT, and once people don’t get the “desired response” they’ll MOVE ON! Kind of like a child that FINDS an annoying habit.. This is a case study..

        1. Hauman’s comment? It’s still there:

          OK. So the alderman elected by the residents of Ward 8 wore a t-shirt to last night’s council meeting. It’s not what I would have worn but he did not ask for my fashion advise.

          What’s important to remember is that elected officials represent all constituents – black, white, brown, gay, straight, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Italian, Irish, Greek, Mexican, yes and even racists. To have a rant on FB about the pros and cons and definition of “racist” and “immigrant” does not constitute civil discourse. Name calling never solved a problem on the playground nor on FB.

          Let’s talk about — and do something about– ending hunger and homelessness and illiteracy; about assuring that everyone has proper access to health care; about our schools and places of worship and our stores and our parks and places of employment are safe.

          To quote Sean Connery in The Fugitive: “Thus endeth the lesson.”

  10. Wonder if NBC knows Jenn is using their logo and slogan “The More you Know” (they copyrighted and trademarked years ago to perpetuate her warped viewpoint?
    While NBC doesn’t stand well in my belief of the fair media, the use of their logo (trademarked) does give the appearance of their endorsement.

  11. Interesting. So if a black or brown person disagrees with illegal immigration are they racist too? Asking for a friend.

  12. In the end,at the gates of Heaven, these idiots will finally get the fact that the one being who does not give a damn about the color of your skin,or what country you come from will be the final judge of what you are and what you did and what you said. God does not send you to hell because you are white/black/brown or purple. He sends you to hell because of what you did and how you treat your fellow man. Jenn and Jeff have obviously not learned that lesson, but in the end , will when its way to late. That is why I always think of the phrase: People like that,in the end,get their just deserts.

  13. Well I know, now, not to go to her tattoo artist, not that I would. I wonder what’s on her other arm? Beans?

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