The Carrillo/Crabill circus continues

By:  Diane Benjamin Jenn Carrillo makes up history and twists facts to fit her own agenda:  she wants democratic socialism.  She will tell you that democratic socialism is much different from just plain old socialism, but it isn’t.  Anybody who thinks government is capable of running your life better than you skipped civics and history. […]

Welcoming Ordinance will be back

By:  Diane Benjamin The local progressives are possessed with bringing in illegal aliens! The latest is Illinois State University: Since we have no borders, these people aren’t illegal, merely undocumented.     Yes it was sponsored by ISU: One of the speakers is a candidate for the Bloomington City Council – a former illegal alien […]

Radicals and Karen Schmidt

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari Renner is desperate to score political points that have nothing to do with welcoming immigrants.   He is pandering to his base and Karen Schmidt is standing in his way.  Illegal immigrants are just pawns in this game.  Radicals think they can “progress” their fundamental transformation of America and use illegals to beat […]

More on the Welcoming Ordinance

By:  Diane Benjamin The Bloomington City Council appears to want illegal immigrants and undocumented people welcomed here.  Most weren’t fazed by Chief Heffner’s statement that passage would make it less safe for legal citizens. I’ve wondered ever since how these people are supporting themselves.  It’s illegal to hire anyone who is undocumented, the welcoming ordinance […]

Update: Illegals welcome, police questionable

Ask Tari to explain the contribution illegals make verses the cost: _______________________________________________________________ By:  Diane Benjamin Mayor Tari Renner wanted to lump 3 controversial items together at Monday night’s Council, but one got derailed.  The Council will consider: Bike Lanes on E. Washington to create congestion Welcoming ordinance for illegals The Citizens Advisory Board to […]

May 1st March for illegals

By:  Diane Benjamin This statement is on the Facebook page for today’s march in downtown Bloomington: Join us for a day of solidarity with immigrants and their families! Join us for a day of resistance against human rights abuses, racism, and oppression! Join us to keep families together! The page goes on: Most of […]

More from the clueless media

By:  Diane Benjamin The bird-cage liner buys into all government spending is good.  Today they jeered Gov. Rauner for shutting down the State Museum in Springfield. I didn’t even know there was a State Museum in Springfield!   Don’t most people think about going to museums in Chicago, and maybe the Lincoln one in Springfield?  Any […]

IL GOP platform on Illegal Immigration

Below is a section of the Illinois GOP platform adopted 6/9/2012.  This section speaks to immigration issues in Illinois.  Note E and F. Where does issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants fit into the platform?  Bill Brady, can you answer since you voted Yes?  How does your vote “abandon incentives for illegal aliens to settle in Illinois”? […]

#ILGOP ready to support illegal aliens driving!

The Illinois GOP is going to support giving illegal aliens a drivers license!  Anybody surprised?  Your GOP representatives won’t care, but try calling anyway! More reasons they shouldn’t: Providing illegal aliens driver’s licenses would not increase road safety or decrease the number of uninsured drivers on the road.  New Mexico issues driver’s licenses to illegal […]

Solving Illegal Immigration isn’t that Tough

by Diane Benjamin All of the below require politicians with guts and the desire to actually fix the illegal immigration problem forever!  Since there aren’t many politicians that qualify, We The PEOPLE have to demand changes – they are never going to do anything except amnesty.  After amnesty, we will  be right back in the […]

What Hath Government Wrought?

Biggest problems facing the country: (in no particular order) massive debt illegal immigration high unemployment high energy prices housing crisis healthcare costs What do they all have in common? Government CAUSED them! massive debt – obvious, we are adding over $1 Trillion of debt a year illegal immigration – Federal government has failed it’s duty […]

I support Our Sheriff! Update

Sheriff Emery referred me to a story written by Charlie Schlenker at WGLT radio.  It goes into more depth and explains the problems more completely:   by Diane Benjamin A letter to the Editor in today’s Pantagraph from a local member of Latinos United For Change and Illinois Peoples Action caught my attention.  They […]