Radicals and Karen Schmidt

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner is desperate to score political points that have nothing to do with welcoming immigrants.   He is pandering to his base and Karen Schmidt is standing in his way.  Illegal immigrants are just pawns in this game.  Radicals think they can “progress” their fundamental transformation of America and use illegals to beat people into submission.

This time it puts your safety in danger and handcuffs local police.

Karen Schmidt normally panders to the left, but this time she is blocking the vote.  Unlike Renner, she must realize the opinion of Chief Heffner and the rest of city matters.  She is now the target of the radicals demanding illegals must be welcomed.  Proof from the YWCA Facebook page:

Tari Renner reached a new low when he claimed NOT VOTING on the ordinance is an Open Meetings Act violation:   http://wglt.org/post/no-open-meetings-act-violation-bloomington-yet#stream/0

Hey Tari, it’s not illegal for the Council members to talk to each other either.  I’m sure they didn’t all meet and Rosie’s and plan together.

Obviously Tari has never read the Open Meetings Act!   There is a LONG list of things the Council has refused to vote on – most of them involving the cost of City employees.

Bloomington was targeted first because Koos is too smart to be caught up in this nonsense.

That doesn’t mean the two groups below (and others) are going to stop trying to force a vote.

Thanks to Tari, this is the new Bloomington!

Council meetings will be very entertaining until the council votes.  Does Karen have the courage to vote NO?

If they don’t want to vote, the Council could call the Appellate Court Prosecutor and find out if any laws still matter –  like the ones that prohibit personal expenses on a government credit card:

State’s Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor
725 South Second Street
Springfield, Illinois 62704
Phone: (217) 782-1628

From Facebook:

16 thoughts on “Radicals and Karen Schmidt

  1. City needs to defund YWCA! We don’t need to pay for liberal activists with tax dollars. I am sure there are less controversial service providers who can pick up the slack.

  2. Ms. Schmidt if you’re reading this, please know that the decision made on this issue will years from now be seen as a turning point. The issue is not so much of immigration but of the rule of law and pressure groups that represent the values of a small and very vocal minority exerting undue influence on our community. Those in favor of the ordinance and their chief political champion, Tari Renner, are bullying and pressuring you and others because they know that they cannot win through rational arguments. The ordinance passing may not necessarily lead to immigration-led chaos or a spike in crime, but rather turn the style, method, and approach to governance in Bloomington on its head. That is to say, pressure groups and coordinated protesters will take the place of reasonable, rational citizens that can and do disagree in a civil manner, and who ultimately respect and accept the outcome of political discourse. These citizens have become increasingly ambivalent toward local government, as they feel government will “do whatever they want anyway”. It’s time for things to change! This is not so much about immigration or police strategies or criminal justice, it’s about the future course for Bloomington. Please continue to stay strong and don’t let the Mayor and loud, vocal (and might I add, rude) groups of people pressure you into a decision that you might wake up and regret in years, perhaps months, from now.

  3. OMA violation against the Council members? Priceless! Aren’t there three violations against meetings with a quorum that Renner called? Under Renner’s administration, the City has not complied with the AG rulings. He has already brought guilty verdicts for breaking the OMA.

      1. I get that. Renner continues to attempt to intimidate by insinuating someone commuted an illegal action. He is deflecting and manipulating the truth. He desperately needs an intervention.

  4. If keeping families is so important to these folks, WHY DO THEY TAKE THE CHANCE in the first place and break the law? They are ALL AWARE that if they get caught, being deported is the consequence.

  5. The most important takeaway is this–if you contribute to the YWCA, if you use services of the YWCA, or if you contribute to agencies who fund the YWCA (Hello! United Way), you are directly aiding and abetting a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION. What a nest of subversives. Think about it!

  6. They changed the picture. The original picture on Facebook had Karen holding an actual sign. Among other changes. I wonder why they changed it.

  7. I think the majority of people in the United States support LEGAL immigration. I have a couple of friends that immigrated here well over 10 years ago, from one of the former Soviet countries. They have spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to play by the rules. They have their green cards and are now trying to become citizens here. They have been jacked around and taken advantage of every step of the way, by lawyers and the government. They have done everything that has been asked of them and are finally close to achieving their goal. Why should other immigrants, who broke the law in the way they came here, and the way they have stayed here, go to the head of the line?

    The thing liberals want the low information voters to believe, is that we are against any and all immigration. I know of no one that is against legal immigration. All any of us want is for the law to be followed. If they don’t like the law, they think they are above it and should not follow it. Period.

    It is so simple, If you don’t like the way our laws are written, then legally go about getting them changed. Run for office, support candidates that think the way you do. But in the interim, follow the law.

  8. This comment will most likely generate flack. To some extent, the economic impact of the immigrant communities both legal and illegal remove revenue from the City because many of them send their discretionary income to family members in their country of origin rather than spending locally. No judgement, just fact.

  9. Does Karen have the courage to vote NO ? Yes …. is she not the only council member that is still on the council that voted NO to the coliseum ? The YWCA needs to cough up the photo they took down of Karen holding a sign, Sorry if you on a City Council you kind of sort of less active as a citizen …..
    While you have a legal right to be a citizen just think would better to stay in the background.
    Time to find a new city this town is done but a fork in it.

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