Smart enough to be elected?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Frequently we look at elected individuals and wonder who in the world would vote for them?

Worse, who in their right mind thinks elections should be held for 40 days?  In Illinois, that would be democrats who think it’s a hardship to get to the polls.

Voting was once a sacred duty as Americans.  It was a responsibility to the country.

It’s now a joke, especially in Illinois.

Nikita Richards (the one not capable of renewing her plates or showing up in court wants to get elected County Clerk because Kathy Michel delayed early voting.  There is a State-wide race still being decided in the courts, but Nikita thinks you should be allowed to vote anyway.  The Bloomington Election Commission delayed it too.

Early voting was supposed to start on February 8th for the March 20th election.

Can Illinois get any more ridiculous than this?

Is WGLT trying to make Nikita a laughing-stock?  You decide:

How much value will be left in your vote if this lady actually wins in November?  She will be the one running elections.

In March Nikita doesn’t have a challenger on the Democrat ballot.  Is she worried about not winning?

Keep in mind, she doesn’t believe in removing people from the voting rolls simply because they haven’t voted in 6 years.  See the link above.

(I see dead people)







3 thoughts on “Smart enough to be elected?

  1. I think Dems/Leftists/progressives would only be happy if voting was all year long and people could vote as soon as a Dem signs them up – for Dems of course…I am aso sick to death of them acting like “people of color” and poor people simply can’t manage to get to a voting station on a certain day. I can see maybe a week being allowed for voting but not the amount of time “they” want. Also, I would like to see a REAL overhaul in “absentee” voting.


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