Nikita: Seriously?

By:  Diane Benjamin

This picture was taken from Nikita’s Facebook page.

Nikita must not know Illinois Law requires County Clerks to clean the voter rolls!

Claiming that “cleaning” dramatically impacts low-income and people of color implies these people aren’t intelligent enough to vote.  Not voting in six years means NOT voting in at up to 3 local elections, primaries for those same elections, up to 3 national elections and primaries for the same.

Judicial Watch warned 11 States in April of 2017 about voter rolls.  In Illinois they found these Counties had more registered voters than people, McLean is NOT on the list:

Does voter integrity matter Nikita?

Of course voter ID would solve a lot of problems, but then we would hear more about poor and minorities who can’t get an ID.

If I was one of the people mentioned, I’d be personally offended by that statement!

If Nikita is elected County Clerk it looks like she won’t comply with the law.  Should dead people be left on the rolls too?  How many years should people who don’t vote be left on the voter roles?

The entire argument is silly since Illinois has same day registration.  Anybody can walk into their local polling place and vote even if they have been removed from the roles.

Nobody is “coming after your right to vote”.  Ensuring fair and honest elections looks like it won’t be important to Nikita.  Identity politics is.

One more:

Why would citizens trust anybody as County Clerk who fails to register their vehicle?  Why was it dismissed Nikita, because you paid?  Please explain. The Secretary of State resumed mailing notices in 2016.

Nikita, why does the County also report you failed to appear?  Laws don’t matter?

Civil and criminal cases in Mclean County can be found here:


7 thoughts on “Nikita: Seriously?

  1. Nikita, that “greater good” cliche soulds like something from the 1940’s Nazi Germany. The allure of this country is allowing it’s citizens to enjoy the liberty as noted by the laws of the Constitution of the United States of America to be free and not just a part of a Communist greater good camp.

  2. Renner wrote if for her ? She is not fit for office in knowledge, experience in any work place and does not seem to respect the laws. Failure to appear where is the warrant for arrest to appear? Solid facts you keep exposing and the Rat and Rage agraph only publish AFTER YOU expose it.

  3. Chances are IF you haven’t voted in 6 years you’re either dead, in prison or just don’t care, in which case you should NOT be voting, as YOU’RE NOT informed-why because you’re NOT paying attention, except when some rabble rouser gets you all “fired up” as writing such as this does…

  4. I’d be willing to bet my last dollar that Nikita would support a gun registry although “,,,shall not be infringed.” is a Constitutional protection of the 2nd Amendment.

  5. Let’s call Nikita exactly what she is–a Democrat stooge and plant to assure massive voter fraud in the County Clerk’s office, so that Republicans have to win by at least 10% just to counteract all the illegal, felon and blatantly fraudulent votes. It is part of their national election strategy. Welcome to the New Venezuela!

    1. Everyone talks of voter fraud, yet no one can give a decent example of how such things are done. Allow me…

      I live in Illinois. I have property here. I also own property in Florida and Texas. I can request an absentee ballot, or early vote ballot from all three. Since I own property in each jurisdiction, I should have a say in the more local affairs, but on a more national scope (the election of Representatives, Senators, and President), I now have three votes.

      Is this right? I shouldn’t be able to do that, right? In a six year period, I can elect/re-elect THREE different Representatives. SIX! Yes, SIX different Senators, and SIX Presidential votes in two cycles.

      What are you doing that beats that kind of voting mojo? Pity no one will ever cross check that, right?

      [For the record, I do not own property in Texas and Florida. I only vote once like I am supposed to do. I would also like to state that I am an Anarchist that votes. Most Anarchs consider voting to be a form of consent to being governed in the first place, but I don’t live in La-La land. If I am an Anarch worth his salt, I will resist the state by any means. So, I vote for those that say they will resist the state (spending control, tax relief, etc.). If all I have to do is leave my house for 15 minutes to do that, then I’ll do it.]

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