Unit 5 – Still not making sense

By:  Diane Benjamin

According to the newspaper, Unit 5’s payments to coaches violated IHSA rules.  Unit 5 still won’t connect the dots and say why Coach Hess resigned and if they told him to resign or be fired because of these payments.

Unanswered questions still circle back to the disgruntled parents secretly meeting with the Board.  A cloud will continue to exist over the process until the minutes of that meeting are released.  If that meeting had nothing to do with why the coach resigned, the parents need to know that.  If the Board was bullied into forcing his resignation, the people need to know that.

If you can’t get answers, the only alternative is to change the Board.  Local elections have a dismal number of voters.  Your local government has a MUCH bigger impact on your finances and Quality of Life than State or National elections.  Failing to vote in local elections allows people who don’t represent you to get elected.

Maybe local elections have low voter turnout because State and National elections are held in November 2018, local elections are in April 2019.

These Board members have terms expiring in April 2019.  If the Board refuses to provide answers, you can replace them next year.   https://www.unit5.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=68


8 thoughts on “Unit 5 – Still not making sense

  1. I thought the district said the IHSA was investigating.. The paper said they weren’t. Kind of confusing?!?.

  2. Well, that’s why they have the unit attorney. Well versed in spin and damage control. I would love to hear what his recommendations were on how to deal with the media, parents, the 3 bullies. No transparency at all. If the general public has somewhat connected the dots you know there was more to everything. Nice try Unit 5!!

  3. Diane – where are the rest of the comments?? There more than 5 when I left a comment the other day and now my comment is gone too?? What’s going on?

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