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I reported on December 28th State Farm was leaving downtown!  Nice to see SF finally admitted it.  https://blnnews.com/2017/12/28/state-farm-is-leaving-downtown/


By:  Diane Benjamin

Mayor Renner appeared on WJBC yesterday – hear him HERE

Couple of notes:

He called a special meeting for next Tuesday because he thinks the people who volunteered to be on his downtown task force deserve to be heard.

FIVE aldermen don’t want to hear from them, maybe Tari should have put people who represent the entire City on the committee instead of all his insider friends and Alderman Bray.  Maybe those 5 have heard from the committee and wonder what they were smoking when they decided moving the library was a good idea!  A lot of the public doesn’t believe the library even needs to expand, but moving it is ludicrous.  It sounds like he is already expecting the five not to show up meaning they won’t have a quorum.  He plans to hold an information session anyway.  He mentioned maybe the public wants to hear what they have to say.  That’s going to be tough since last I heard the meeting was at the police station with no video.  Very transparent Tari.

Tari also really hates the Ward system.  He prefers Normal’s I Don’t Represent Anybody system.  It’s so much harder to get things done when you represent actual people.

Scott Laughlin asked if State Farm was really leaving downtown.  Tari never directly answered the question.  He mumbled something about removing asbestos and State Farm has told him they will always be around.  Tari needs to find people who used to work downtown and ask them what they were told.

On another topic, I’m sure you have heard a motion was filed in the Coliseum case to remove one of John Butler’s lawyers.  The reason given is because that lawyer is representing Tari in his PCard case.  Tari wouldn’t have hired an expensive criminal lawyer if he wasn’t worried.

Being mayor must be getting really expensive.  Tari hired a lawyer for the ballot challenge that would never have happened if he had used just a little diligence gathering signatures.  Now a criminal lawyer for a still open investigation.

It would probably be cheaper if somebody got around to prosecuting instead of dragging it out!







23 thoughts on “Update: Tari, Tari, Tari – WJBC

  1. This is the first time since Renner’s return from “medical leave” that his muzzle has been removed.

  2. I hope he had a diaper on when State Farm called today to inform them that the office downtown was no longer going to be used. Maybe they can negotiate for Tari’s boutique hotel.

      1. It’s amazing how the mayor and city council appear to have no idea what’s going on in the community they purport to represent. Tari probably isn’t aware of the 100s, possibly 1000s, of planned layoffs/buyouts on tap for February and March. He doesn’t care about anything except for the Downtown. The ship is sinking and Tari is more concerned about the orchestra playing on-key.

  3. Looks like Tari is a liar as the Panta-Trash just put out a story that Sate Farm is leaving downtown. Ok Tari – time to drop the push for a downtown catalyst (or whatever utopia they call it).

  4. Doesn’t our council already operate on an “I don’t represent anyone” concept? It’s kind of been their mindset for years. Diane, didn’t you report on the downtown SF building being empty or nearly so? I’m sure Tari knew but couldn’t say anything until the story broke?(chuckle)
    Library: Even the library board doesn’t want to move.
    If we could, we would move out of this city and this state! I’m sure there are many others who feel the same way.

    1. Lia The majority of the Council up until last Monday represented no one. Sage has been on point. Mlwabwa(sp) has been paying attention and doing a lot right. And Alderwoman Bray just made my day, my week, my month! Diane is giving us a voice we didn’t even know we had. Mathey, Black, and Schmidt along with Hitler, I mean Tari, are about the most disgusting people I have ever stood in a room with! They are what the book of Jude in the New Testement talks about.

      1. Careful Angela. I still don’t trust Bray. As a SF lawyer, she probably knew about the downtown SF location closing and is why she made the motion to shut down the special meeting for the Library move and new (Dis-) Connect Transit building. She knew there would be a backlash from the citizens once the announcement was made.

      2. yes, there are vile arrogant narcissistic folks around this community, but personally, referencing Hitler and Tari alike is over the top. Hitler was a fascist dictator…Tari is just a poor mayor of Mayberry (aka Bloomington)

  5. This is more fun to watch then syphilitic popes having children!!!
    TARI, has NO CONCEPT of the TRUTH. he is misguided, maligned and totally out of focus on WHAT the city NEEDS and not HIS wants. In the old west the tar and feathers would already have been distributed. PERIOD!!
    Move the library. Yep, and maybe next we relocate some of the Rocky Mountains to the area so we have a economic ski resort development.

  6. Did Tari hire the lawyer or did the taxpayers PAY to hire the lawyer? My question:who’s paying Tari’s legal fees: taxpayers or Tari? Might want a FOIA to answer that one.

  7. What Tari doesnt want to realize is in a techno world like ours SF can do business from anywhere in the world more cheaper than Bloomington IL and state of IL. Tari has never and will never open his eyes to the empty businesses and the empty homes in Bloomington until its too late.

  8. Renner is a Communist. He hates, loath and despises the traditional American economic system based on private property, private wealth and individual responsibility. He is not sorry about “empty businesses and the empty homes in Bloomington”, because, deep down, he wants the whole structure destroyed.

      1. What’s wrong with a utopia? Seriously. Look up the word.I think you mean dystopia. Talk with your editor, Diane. If anyone can create a Utopia…I’m all in. LOL.

  9. library board and transit board both asked for a meeting. Isn’t that reason enough to meet? Or should those government partners be silenced and not afforded a face to face, group meeting. let freedom ring!

    1. Nope! 5 aldermen are representing their constituents. They know moving the library is a stupid idea, why waste hours? I suppose you think holding the meeting at the police station where video is not available is good too.

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