Usually people aren’t this stupid

By:  Diane Benjamin

This comment was made to my story about Republicans on the County Board possibly caving and making recycling mandatory.

It’s hilarious that anti-freedom lovers resort to name calling when they disagree.  People who don’t think government has a right to run your life are Nazis?

The writer obviously has no grasp of history.  Anybody voting to require recycling doesn’t either.


18 thoughts on “Usually people aren’t this stupid

  1. Contact your COUNTY BOARD MEMBER.. I did, as I see a LOT of problems with this
    What IF you don’t take the paper or magazines? What if you burn your stuff on the farm? What IF you make art out of your bottles-for the antifa thugs. What if you don’t have that much to recycle? What if you compost your paper goods? What if you take your recyclables to another town?
    ALL valid questions..

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  2. It seems to me that the Nazis used the force of government to control society. The anger of this commenter is misdirected. He/she apparently likes the government to force people to do things, as long as the intentions are “good”. Sad to think we share a world with such misguided people.

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  3. The ignorant or those without validation of their own thoughts and beliefs have a hard time communicating well. It’s probably a syndrome and they could get government aid for it I think.

    I got jokes today.

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  4. That comment sounds like a physical threat. There was a group, once upon a time, that drove a religious group out of their town straight into concentration camps.


  5. You know, Diane, I was in complete agreement with you until it occurred to me: this is somewhat of a “public good” issue, isn’t? Similar to seat belts and motorcycle helmets? We don’t allow garbage to be disposed of indiscriminately! Believe me, I don’t like being told what to do any more than the next guy. But I’ve been pondering this one a bit more. I’d probably be a bit more in favor of mandatory if there weren’t costs to forced on the citizenry. But the costs are being paid at one end or the other. Keep up the good work!


    1. What is the limit? People are fat, can government mandate what they are allowed to eat? It’s for the common good! Your kids need too much extra help in school, can the government send them away for a different education so the other kids aren’t held back? It’s for the common good. The list is endless. There are ways to get people to recycle without making it a law!


      1. I totally understand, but raising rent makes housing unaffordable. That is not acceptable when groups are already claiming rent is unaffordable. Government should make laws taking even more of their money for the common good.


    2. Positive reinforcement and education are much more effective for changing behavior. Modeling also helps. Local governments do not always practice what they demand of others.


  6. Bring back the glass bottles you paid a deposit & got it back when returned. Maybe do the same for plastic. Paper is biodegradable and no one gets the paper anymore anyway. The last one is just a dig,


    1. As an aside to Regina’s post, I discontinued the Pantagraph ten days ago and will call a press conference for the official orange tube burning ceremony when better weather rolls around! There, doing my part “for the greater good”!


  7. One point lost in this discussion is that the Mclean county landfill is almost full as in we have a few months left (not sure exactly what that means). Recycling is one way to lengthen the amount of time until it fills up, but few landlords are going to voluntarily do anything that adds to the cost of rent. Mandatory recycling is one solution. Adding drop-off location is another less effective solution. What are some other solutions for needing more landfill space? Who knows how long it will take just for the permitting process to open a new landfill.


    1. They have no plans to open a new landfill. The plans are to use one by Pontiac or possibly Clinton. 80% of the County already recycles, the focus should not be forcing people to recycle it should be making it easier for people who want to. Will recycle police need to be hired for compliance?


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