County Board just might attack your wallet!

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’m hearing rumors that the MANDATORY RECYCLING people really want the Scritchlow Amendment scrapped and they are making progress convincing County Board members to go along with them.  Details here:

The purpose of government is not to tell you how to live your life.  RINO’S and Democrats think it is.

If they succeed rents will increase, even for the poorest people, as landlords are forced to pay somebody to pick up the recycling.

Businesses will be forced to increase prices to cover their recycling costs.

Everybody loses when government forces people to comply!

Republicans have a 15 to 5 majority on the County Board:

If they are stupid enough to make recycling mandatory, it’s time to dump the RINO’s.  There are lots of Libertarians running for the County Board in November.

I will be watching.

Common sense is playing no part in this discussion.  Opening more recycling drop off points close to where the service is needed does make sense.  Strangling regulations are so much easier though – for the people wearing the boots on other people’s necks.

Contact your County Board member (or all of them) here:






5 thoughts on “County Board just might attack your wallet!

  1. I recently started having trash pickup at my office. Not sure why city doesn’t offer weekly service to small business, but whatever. For identical city service a trash tote 92 gallon and recycle tote 92 gallon, the private service priced trash $35 per month and recycle $35 per month for weekly pickup. So I decided no recycling everything goes in the trash. I’d like to recycle, but I’m not going to pay double to do it!

    1. Wow! Careful there, Lizard. Carlo might throw you in a re-education camp with the Ecology Action Center. How dare you think of your business, employees, and wallet!

      1. Thought the same thing, BN. Or maybe Tari’s Antifa thugs will beat you up. Conservatives in McLean County need to realize there is an active “War” going on, ever day, directed at us.

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