Paradigm: FINAL report

By:  Diane Benjamin These emails will finally put Paradigm to bed – I hope permanently! From October 2nd – 19 days before Joint Session: Note:  4 days AFTER the Joint Session October 22nd – the day after Joint Session Note – even Robinson wonders why the Joints session was held!

Paradigm – wrap up

By: Diane Benjamin If Paradigm ever returns, all the emails I received from the Town of Normal under the Freedom of Information Act will be reevaluated, but for now I’m done reading somewhere near 600 pages. The FOIA request I submitted was for all emails during 2014.  One email from Paradigm President and CEO, Allen […]

Message from an Ausi on Thanksgiving

American? Then You Won The Lottery… November 27th, 2014 | by Nick Adams It’s Thanksgiving. Cue the ludicrous brand of lefty claptrap. America screwed the Native Americans. Stole their land. Massacred them. Thanksgiving in the US is like setting aside a day in Germany to celebrate the Holocaust. Same ol’ stuff. … and then it […]


From:  Diane Benjamin Today I’m grateful for all the readers of  You obviously know most of the local media isn’t telling you the truth.  Please continue to share the site.  If voting citizens in Bloomington-Normal are informed they will be able to hold their government accountable.  Tell your friends to hit the FOLLOW button […]

The Hales report

By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington citizens should read City manager David Hales’ Monthly Report.  It looks like many many hours are put into it, that might explain why the staff is over-worked.  The September report can be seen here: There are a few interesting things.  Renner really wants to expand the library.  Meanwhile the number […]

Transparency Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin Transparency has a strange meaning to Bloomington.  They love to tout how transparent they are, but their version of transparency means knowing what they want you to know, not truth. How transparent was Paradigm?  Weren’t you led to believe Bloomington wasn’t involved until after Rob Fazzini left the Council?  (See previous posts) […]

Trust government?

By:  Diane Benjamin Much of the news about the City Council meeting last night concerned the Brady grant and Central Catholic.  It was illuminating to see how the conversation turned from “this is the only use for the $750,000” to now “we can use it for any park or trail project”.  Sen Bill Brady was […]

Council: The media won’t report this!

By:  Diane Benjamin Tonight the Council voted to NOT buy the 4 acres by McGraw Park for use by Central Catholic High School as a practice football field.   Jim Fruin recused himself, the vote was unanimous. At the first meeting there was much hand-wringing about accepting $750,000 from a bankrupt state.  Some aldermen stated that somebody […]

The REAL story of Bloomington Employees

by:  Diane Benjamin One prominent story the City of Bloomington uses to push for more money is “We cut over 100 jobs”.  It was nice of them to include a chart with the financial statements for the year ending 4/30/14.  The statements will be discussed at tonight’s Council meeting. Here’s the chart:  (click it to […]

A little more Paradigm

By:  Diane Benjamin Here are some more emails I received under the Freedom of Information Act from the Town of Normal.  The first two shows again that Bloomington was involved in the Paradigm deal BEFORE Rob Fazzini quit the Council.  Once again, in Illinois this is not a crime!  Ethical?  Since when does that matter! […]

Bloomington Agenda for tonight:

by:  Diane Benjamin In the consent Agenda – which means the potted plants are supposed to not question, just vote yes: Analysis of Request for Proposal (RFP) and Contract Award to Anderson Building Services, Inc. for Fire Headquarters Station Kitchen Remodel, (RFP 2015 – 40). (Recommend that the RFP for Fire Headquarters Station Kitchen Remodel […]

Steve Vogel: your Liberal is showing

by:  Diane Benjamin Saturdays are more amusing since Steve Vogel started writing editorials.  He can not hide who he really is anymore.  Back when he was on the radio he did a much better job of covering.  I’d hate to think he used to be a conservative but aged into a liberal – usually it’s […]


By:  Diane Benjamin An Illinois Court ruled yesterday the pension fix law passed by the legislature and signed by Gov Quinn is unconstitutional. Yipee – Illinois is at least $100,000,000,000 in debt because of pensions, but we have a constitutional responsibility to pay. How much is in your wallet – fork it over now. I […]

More PAID to not report

By:  Diane Benjamin When the Fruin-Brady-Central Catholic flap exploded after the last City Council meeting, the Pantagraph was the last to report.  Maybe the below explains why. Bills to be approved for payment next Monday night at the Bloomington City Council meeting: PANTAGRAPH PUBLISHING HR Advertise 1,323.06 PANTAGRAPH PUBLISHING  BCPA Advertise 3,315.04 PANTAGRAPH PUBLISHING  CtyClerk Advertise […]

Not willing to face reality

by:  Diane Benjamin K-Mart is just the latest to announce it is closing.  Many smaller businesses have or are closing. Both Bloomington and Normal have reported Sales Tax Revenue is down. The Pantagraph reported B-N homes sales have improved – but read the article to the bottom.  New construction lags behind last year.  It’s 1/3 […]

Watchdogs just want the law followed

Edgar County Watchdogs has been working for years to clean up corruption in eastern Illinois and now all over the state.  Of course government hates it. Did you know government giving Christmas gifts to employees is illegally unless the governing board votes and approved it?  Evidently the Mayor of Marshall Illinois didn’t know either.  Elected […]

Normal gets Delphied again

By:  Diane Benjamin Look up the Delphi method.  It’s an established technique to make you agree with an agenda as “facts” are presented to support what the seller wants you to buy. Many people in Normal believe in the Uptown concept and now Uptown 2.  Personal property rights must be sacrificed for the greater good. […]

Going to Uptown meeting tonight?

by:  Diane Benjamin Feeling immaterial to your government in Normal?  You should.  Somebody should rename it Koosville since he gets anything he wants.  The Council doesn’t represent you and debt is not a concern – even though revenue is dropping.  Raise taxes – that’s the ticket!  Revenues will continue to decrease as government takes more […]

Tari has 2 faces

by:  Diane Benjamin The email below was sent to me by Tari in April of last year.  I almost believed he wanted transparency. Typos left on purpose. Tari Renner <[email protected]> 4/12/13 to me Thanks so much for filing the complain against the City on transparency!! Way to go – we all owe you a debt of […]

Bloomington: TONIGHT

by:  Diane Benjamin The Bloomington City Council is meeting tonight – Committee of the Whole.  In other words, it’s the indoctrination meeting where no votes will be taken. On the agenda:  Raising Liquor License and Video Gaming Fees.  The packet devotes pages 38-62 to the topic. The discussion revolves around User Fees.  Funny how […]

Recent events explain “Limited Government”

by:  Diane Benjamin You probably didn’t hear, but the Coliseum had an audited operating loss last year of $1,637,477.  The only Central Illinois Arena Management (CIAM) report posted for this year is for May-July.  Is shows a loss of almost $140,000.  Since there were very few events since July, that’s probably why nothing has been […]

Emails tell who represents you, especially “private” ones

By:  Diane Benjamin I get surprises with Freedom of Information Act requests to the City of Bloomington.  Sometimes emails disclose who your representatives really are, like the one of Renner saying citizens who comment at Council meetings “say all kinds of nonsense”. Doesn’t Renner sound like the MIT professor just exposed for calling the […]

My lawsuit against Bloomington continues

By:  Diane Benjamin I was in court again this morning.  The City of Bloomington had filed another motion to dismiss, the judge denied it.  City lawyers seem to think they can write the law however fits them.  The judge didn’t agree. Meanwhile, taxpayers of Bloomington have most likely spent thousands of dollars to NOT be […]

Fly on the Wall: What if?

From Fruin’s bio on the City website: Jim has been very involved in the community, serving in several leadership positions with Illinois State University, Holy Trinity Church and Schools, Central Catholic High School, the McLean County Economic Development Council, the Bloomington/Normal Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Community Health Care Clinic, and currently as a […]

Bill Brady on HIS $750,000

by:  Diane Benjamin Bill Brady says if Bloomington doesn’t take the $750,000 to expand McGraw Park, he will have to look for other places to spend it. Hey Bill!  Mister so-called conservative, how about NOT spending it.  Bill claims it is HIS grant.  Really Bill? You have been in government too long Billy.  It isn’t […]

From the city code – Jim Fruin

By:  Diane Benjamin Below is the video of Alderman Jim Fruin’s 7 1/2 minute speech Monday night in support of the Brady/McGraw Park/Central Catholic deal. At the beginning Fruin lists family members etc that have graduated from Central Catholic.  He then makes the comment he “bleeds Central Catholic” At the end, around 7:20, Fruin says […]

Standing up for citizens: Judy Stearns

By:  Diane Benjamin Many people have tried to destroy Alderwoman Judy Stearns.  The Pantagraph, former Mayor Stockton, some Council members, and Mayor Renner have all attacked her.  They all failed.  The citizens know who stood up for them and who just wants to “get along”, cost to taxpayers is immaterial. Michael J. Whelan did a […]

The Gang that can’t shoot straight: $750,000

By:  Diane Benjamin One overlooked fact:  Central Catholic is NOT in Bill Brady’s District!  They are represented by Jason Barickman. Local City government loves back room deals, no risk of exposure since they are cozy with most of the press.  You won’t see the Pantagraph breaking news of corruption, in fact they cover it up. […]

Fruin – conflict of interest? ($750,000) BREAKING NEWS

JIM FRUIN is on the Board of Trustees of Central Catholic! Official Misconduct Jim?     by:  Diane Benjamin h/t JS At Monday’s Council meeting, Jim Fruin spoke extensively on why he shouldn’t recuse himself from the vote to accept $750,000 from the State of Illinois to buy land so Central Catholic could have […]