Emails tell who represents you, especially “private” ones

By:  Diane Benjamin

I get surprises with Freedom of Information Act requests to the City of Bloomington.  Sometimes emails disclose who your representatives really are, like the one of Renner saying citizens who comment at Council meetings “say all kinds of nonsense”.

Doesn’t Renner sound like the MIT professor just exposed for calling the American people stupid and how ObamaCare was constructed to get it past us stupid people?  (email me if you haven’t seen the videos – found NOT by the media but by a guy who lost his insurance!)

Here’s another email from an Alderman showing her true stripes:

PainterLaws don’t matter to Joni Painter.  Where does it say in the FOIA law you can charge Joni?  Did you hear a judge doesn’t agree with you?

Alderman Painter wants citizens to pay to hold government accountable!  Sound American to you?  Good thing she has to win an election next year, disrespecting citizens won’t be popular.

By the way, this is one of the emails I received from the lawsuit.  The City tried to hide it.





2 thoughts on “Emails tell who represents you, especially “private” ones

  1. Some simple etiquette for Alderman: Don’t put into writing anything that you wouldn’t want all to read. Is it laughable that in spite of knowing you file FOIA requests that they still type shit like this down. Here’s a tip: use the telephone to avoid leaving records. You would think their Communications Director . . . might teach them this. But, at least their talking about you, right?!

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