Normal: Providing chuckles (at your expense)

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal’s government is a never-ending supply of giggles as they attempt to “control” behavior.  Since the Mayor owns a bike shop, it’s easy for him to justify biking.  I’ve written before and shown pictures of the grand street plans that will evidently promote bikes.  Nobody has explained how narrowing intersections does that, […]

Tari’s Reality Check

By:  Diane Benjamin Cheer-leading for Bloomington isn’t a bad approach for an elected Mayor, but not facing facts is suicide for taxpayers.  Yes, State Farm is transferring people out of Bloomington-Normal.  Yes, people are leaving Illinois for better opportunities.  Yes, Sales Tax Revenue is down in both Bloomington and Normal. Yesterday’s report that Bloomington-Normal lost 1000 […]

No, Bloomington-Normal is NOT Okay

Mayor Renner claimed at the last Council meeting 1000 people move here every year.  He’s uniformed. Employers added new jobs in half of the state’s metro areas Metro Area Nov-14* Nov-13 Over-the-Year Change Bloomington-Normal 89,300 (5.6%) 90,300 (7.2%) -1,000 Champaign-Urbana 110,600 (5.9%) 109,600 (8.0%) 1,000 Chicago-Joliet-Naperville 3,854,200 (5.7%) 3,830,500 (8.3%) 23,700 Danville 29,200 (8.1%) 29,000 […]

Stealing YOUR voice

By:  Diane Benjamin Is American History still taught?  Evidently it’s been re-written to reflect mob rule instead of a Representative Republic.  After all, the government is supposed to reflect the will of the people! Mob rule has come to Bloomington.  Bike lanes are painted on the streets (the roads that aren’t crumbling) because the McLean […]

Tari’s Christmas email

by:  Diane Benjamin Since Mayor Tari is a Political Science Professor, he should understand the role of government.  He should have added some American History and Constitution to his education. The only source of income for the City of Bloomington is taxpayers.  The Freedom of Information LAW exists because government does NOT have a right to operate […]

Front Street & Bikes

by:  Diane Benjamin Cars are supposed to stay 3 feet away from bikes.  Cars are not allowed to cross the yellow line – according to the law. This is East Front Street.  If you encounter a biker, unless they get out of your way, you get to drive behind them at whatever speed they are […]

Very First King Size Bed

Originally posted on BlnNews:
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? THE  VERY FIRST KING-SIZED BED: To  one who has faith, no explanation is necessary.     To  one without faith, no explanation is  possible”.     ~Thomas  Aquinas THANK GOD FOR THAT BED AND  BABY WHO SLEPT  THERE. Merry  Christmas! . . . . . ?…

Another COURT update

By:  Diane Benjamin Today I was in court again for my lawsuit against the City of Bloomington – it’s either #4 or #5 (losing track).  The judge has promised to issue a ruling on January 28th. City Attorney Rosalee Dodson is no longer with the City, at least that’s what the substitute said.  No explanation […]

Bloomington minimized Aldermen

By:  Diane Benjamin In November I reported the City of Bloomington wants to minimize YOUR elected officials. 9 Aldermen are entrusted to represent you on the Council.  They have the final word on the direction of the City and spending.  7 don’t realize the importance of standing for the people who elected them.  Some […]

B/N: Higher Taxes Coming!

By:  Diane Benjamin So far the residents of Normal haven’t cared that Koos is stealing more money from them every year to so he can finish his vision.  Will you care this time? These 2 emails were received under the Freedom of Information Act – Bloomington is getting slightly better at complying with the law, […]

For the Police

Posted on Cops Break Room Facebook page  (Make sure you read it all) Today, I stopped caring about my fellow man. I stopped caring about my community, my neighbors, and those I serve. I stopped caring today because a once noble profession has become despised, hated, distrusted, and mostly unwanted. I stopped caring today because parents refuse […]

Make sure you are calm before reading. . .

By:  Diane Benjamin Mayor Tari loves to call people he wants to vilify: “they are off their meds” Sorry, but you may need “meds” after seeing how your tax dollars are spent. Government loves to control what us little people eat, but they feed themselves pizza, doughnuts, and deserts and send the bill to you. […]

No Guns Allowed

By:  Diane Benjamin I’m looking at more PCard spending, see yesterday’s post: I had to stop and post this one: P F PETTIBONE AND CO $ 474.75 Printing for “No Guns Allowed” Stickers Congratulations Bloomington taxpayers! You paid to advertise where deranged individuals won’t get any resistance from armed patrons – hunting season is […]

Eating on your dime & where potted plants come from

By:  Diane Benjamin Many City of Bloomington employees have a PCard.  It’s a cross between and credit and debit card.  All spending on Pcards is posted once a month after the Bills and Payroll report. I looked at just the Admin spending paid from August – December. This section is miscellaneous interesting charges: Viva […]

Bloomington: Tax dollars shipped out of town!

By:  Diane Benjamin When the City of Bloomington paid Todd Greenburg to leave as City Attorney last October, he was not replaced.  Instead they hired a Springfield Law Firm and attorney Jeff Jurgens.  All of the below information is  from the Bills and Payroll reports: This is a list of payments to the law firm […]

Why I don’t write more about Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin Monday the Normal City Council voted to spend a lot more money on the Koos-Doug Farr vision for the town.  NO citizens showed to speak.  I know of NO conservative citizens running for the Council, they all appear to be Koos cronies.  If anybody knows different, please let me know. Videos of […]

Slow learners

By:  Diane Benjamin Evidently the people have learned nothing from Dixon Illinois.  Money corrupts everybody from City leaders to church secretaries.  Putting trust in a person with a checkbook, without common sense protections against theft, it like putting up a sign:  Free money here.  The sad part is it’s not that difficult to prevent. The […]

Coliseum – another lawsuit

By:  Diane Benjamin The truth about the Coliseum has been hidden from the taxpayers for years.  It was intentional, even the City Council is in the dark.  John Butler’s BMI Concessions is an even bigger secret.  Butler set up a business inside a City owned asset, complete with a contract requiring set percentages of sales […]

I spoke again last night at council

By:  Diane Benjamin After I spoke at Council last week, Mayor Renner made a comment implying that public speakers aren’t necessarily telling the truth.  Since he made that statement directly after I spoke, I inferred he was talking about me.  I went back yesterday to set the record straight.  I’m on the video below at […]

Fly on the Wall: Offended

Buzzing around town I frequently hear a radio spot I find offensive.  A local business twisted the words of a 200 year old Christmas Carol to sell services. Muslims kill people who draw a picture of Mohammed. Christian kids are being beheaded in Iraq. One atheist can get a Nativity scene removed from public viewing. […]

The VOGELnator fails again

By:  Diane Benjamin Hey Steve Vogel – forget something?  You agreed to add a disclaimer to every story you do about the City of Bloomington stating YOUR daughter was Renner’s campaign manager twice!  What happened?  Thought I would forget? Maybe Stevie’s daughter is disenchanted with Renner and will NOT be his campaign manager – if […]

Ammo purchase back on Monday’s agenda

By:  Diane Benjamin The ammo purchase is back, same quantities and same price.  I emailed the police for an explanation.  My research was no apples to apples with what they wanted to buy.  Below is there response. They referenced my article in their response: ___________________________________________________________________ Hello Mrs. Benjamin, We have done research pertaining to the attached […]

What the $10,000 employee loan is

By:  Diane Benjamin At the Council meeting last Monday night, one of the FOIA requests I mentioned Bloomington has ignored is $10,000 listed by them as “Loan To Employee To Create”.  I filed a Freedom of Information Request last October for an explanation.  Today I got an answer. (VERY late) 2 City of Bloomington […]

Normal: Do you find it suspicious?

By:  Diane Benjamin Elections for Councilmen in Normal are At-Large.  If anybody in Normal cares, contact the ACLU.  They have filed many lawsuits against At-Large elections because the elected don’t necessarily reflect the population.  It’s possible all the elected could live in the same neighborhood – the rest of the City would be immaterial.  In […]

Coliseum: You don’t have a right to know

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve done many Coliseum stories in the past year and changes have been made to the financial statements produced by Central Illinois Arena Management (CIAM) because of errors I have pointed out.  There are still more and the management fee CIAM pays itself doesn’t make any sense. Worse though is Concession Sales. […]