Front Street & Bikes

by:  Diane Benjamin

Cars are supposed to stay 3 feet away from bikes.  Cars are not allowed to cross the yellow line – according to the law.

This is East Front Street.  If you encounter a biker, unless they get out of your way, you get to drive behind them at whatever speed they are going.  There isn’t enough room to be 3 feet away without crossing the center line.  If you accidentally hit the biker because they aren’t that visible, it will be your fault. (Think motorcycles and how many times they haven’t been seen by drivers!)

If you cross the center line, it will be your fault.  If on-street parking was banned, there would be room for bike lanes.  Unfortunately, there would be no where for these residents to park.

Progress Bloomington!

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6 thoughts on “Front Street & Bikes

  1. Holy moly, I actually saw a bicyclist on Jersey Avenue a couple weeks ago! Was he using the designated bicycle lanes? No, this guy was in the middle of the eastbound traffic lane.

    All these designated bike lanes on the streets are a gross misuse of space and administrative time, and even moreso, a waste of paint.

  2. FYI, a dashed yellow line does allow vehicles to cross the line to pass other road users (bicycles, cars, tractors, etc.) when safe. Read your highway code!

      1. Certainly no more than passing any vehicle on any street or road would — FWIW, the 3-foot rule applies on all roads bicycles are allowed on (which is all non limited access roads). you bear the same responsibility to pass slow moving tractors safely in the countryside. If a driver cannot stand wait a few seconds to pass other road users safely (also a big deal with farm equipment in the countryside) they might want to think about what they are doing.

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