The Watchdogs sue the Edgar County Board

By:  Diane Benjamin The Edgar County Watchdogs filed a Complaint for Administrative Review with the 5th Judicial Circuit Court in Edgar County yesterday. Again, the case is about following the law, the Edgar County Board didn’t.  Below is the law for Counties in Illinois that govern purchasing: The Edgar County Board (and McLean County Board) […]

Clark County Park District: NOT confidential!

By:  Diane Benjamin Remember back in 2014 when the Edgar County Watchdogs did a Citizens Arrest of the entire Clark County Park District Board?   See these two stories: The Park District Board still hasn’t learned laws matter.  They also haven’t learned not to mess with the Edgar County Watchdogs. One of the Watchdogs, […]

Update: Climate facts and deniers

Here’s another article to consider: I few days ago a banned person left a comment about climate change to this story: This person has the honor of being the only person I have banned from commenting.  The IP address isn’t local, so I don’t take her seriously.  I banned her because having an […]

Big Project

By:  Diane Benjamin I haven’t been writing much because I am working on a BIG project.  It will take filing Freedom of Information requests, so don’t expect the result very soon.  Losing power for many hours yesterday didn’t help! Meanwhile, my research has led to other questions.  I could use some help.  Anybody have some […]