No Power!

3 1/2 hours and counting without power.

Since typing on a phone isn’t fun, I won’t be posting more today.

Some readers will be thrilled!

I apologize to the majority.

7 thoughts on “No Power!

  1. Odd that the  current elitist Administration and Congress have maliciously robbed the middle-class &  future generations of @ $9 trillion, yet expressed no apparent concern over the deteriorating nfrastructure.Unfortunately, the majority of the local wet farts in charge eagerly pursue the same financial rapist attitude.May your power return soon.

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  2. WOW!! YOU were LUCKY. IT’s 7 P.M. Wednesday and we JUST got our power back, I called Ameren Monday at Noon and they told me 8;30 p,m., so I called AGAIN Tuesday and they told me 10 p.m., so I called AGAIN Wed at 7 a.m. and they told me 2, at 2 they told me 4, and got here @ 6!! WHY do they lie to people like that. My folks are BOTH in their 80’s or 90’s and the neighbor is 90 and on oxygen. I had to help him with his generator. But we’re ALL OK< NEver saw ONE cop checking on the 9 houses of elderly people without power!!! It'll SURE be nice to sleep in a WARM bed this eve. And to the power linemen-THANKS!!! but to the lying sacks in the office. I hope someone gets to lie to you sometime!!

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