Message to readers:

Although the number of readers is WAY up, contributions aren’t. Because of that I am considering switching to a subscription website.  The cost would be minimal, maybe $5-$10 a month.  Stories would not be posted to Facebook, Twitter, and other sites like they are now. Another option is to have a premium site for people […]

Bloomington debt

By:  Diane Benjamin The charts below are from the Illinois Comptroller’s office – this is information Bloomington reported to them. Government Activity is the column to look at, especially liabilities due beyond one year.  Since it is hard to read:   Source:  Liabilities 2018 – $221,260,896 2017 – $198,984,845 2016 – $216,297,608 What is this HUGE […]

Bloomington’s other two TIF’s

By:  Diane Benjamin Downtown Southwest 19TIF06402530Downtown_outhwest_1 This TIF was started in 2016. It shows it’s first income of $1,552.  Expenses to date charged to the TIF have produced a negative fund balance of 119,273. Since only $21,713 has been spent according to the report – sidewalks – the negative balance is likely caused by something […]

Bloomington’s Empire Corridor TIF

By:  Diane Benjamin Empire Street Corridor 19TIF06402530Empire_StCorridor_1 This TIF had income last year of $388,527 from increasing property values and $7,091 in interest.   Total income since the inception in 2016 is $425,624. The theory of TIF’s is development wouldn’t happen unless developers and taxpayers share in the cost.  So where did this year’s income go? […]

Illinois is Number ONE!

Planning to vote for ANY democrat?  You must have gone to public school or think you will actually get a pension someday! Source: The US States People Are Fleeing Expect higher taxes because democrats will not fix the problems. They expect the ones left to pay their bills. . . . . . . . […]