Pam Reece employment contract

By:  Diane Benjamin

The current contract Pam Reece has to be Normal’s City Manager is dated March 15, 2018.  Expect a review and wage increase soon.  It will be discussed in Executive Session but MUST be voted on at a Council meeting.

See the contract here;  Reece Contract


reece salary

Reece auto

Reece fired


6 thoughts on “Pam Reece employment contract

  1. Plus a car AND fuel and insurance. Way way way way overpaid based on performance. She should be made to pay the money spent on real estate taxes that were not owed, back to the Town as a payroll deduction, AFTER taxes.

    Koos’ “professional and competent” staff is lead by this bungler. (almost wrote burglar)

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    1. She could be doing the best job in the world and these salary levels are excessive. Please don’t tell me what the private sector pays….this is not the private sector nor does she provide a service that provides a product that leads to making a profit. Also don’t tell me what other cities in this corrupt state pay as again it is excessive in their cases as well. Tar and pitchfork time.


    2. The average salary of a city manager is $106,408. Why would anyone want to work for a councilman who openly disrespects them making their job harder?

      “A city’s geographic region also affects pay levels, as trends continue to show that the highest salaries nationwide are found in the West. In addition, cities that maintain ports, military bases, high levels of union representation, universities or are full-service jurisdictions will typically pay higher salaries. For example, a 2007 survey of librarian salaries reveals that the salaries of librarians with a Masters of Library Science range from $22,048 to $225,000. The data cover twenty-three positions that are presented here in alphabetical order. ”


  2. K Cowles

    You know the old adage, surely. Respect is earned, not demanded. When Pam Reece discontinues her charade of “I know everything, and you don’t, nor are you entitled to know” to her employer in public, then she might command some respect. Keep in mind, emails sent are “in public” because they are the property of the citizens.

    As for your comment regarding average salaries of city managers…if someone can’t live comfortably in central Illinois on $106,000 there is something wrong. Likely, being taxed to death.

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