Pam Reece: I will explain it to you!

By: Diane Benjamin Tap-On Fees of course were mentioned by Stan Nord again Monday night. Of course Chris Koos called him out of order. Same story, different meeting. Pam Reece decided to deflect Nord’s comments at the end of the meeting. She claimed there is no favoritism in who is charged and who isn’t. She […]

Queen Reece gets a raise

By: Diane Benjamin As requested by Chris Koos: Of course the bobbleheads will approve the request. Being less than transparent however, this is in the actual ordinance: Unless you read the documentation above carefully, you wouldn’t know Pam’s Salary is now over $200,000 to manage what is in reality a small town. Normal is Ruled […]

Pam Reece employment contract

By:  Diane Benjamin The current contract Pam Reece has to be Normal’s City Manager is dated March 15, 2018.  Expect a review and wage increase soon.  It will be discussed in Executive Session but MUST be voted on at a Council meeting. See the contract here;  Reece Contract Excerpts: