Kathleen Lorenz proves why Normal needs Districts

By: Diane Benjamin

I hope you listened to at least parts of Kathleen’s interview from this story: https://blnnews.com/2022/08/01/kathleen-lorenz/

Since she explained over and over that she is data-driven and has an analytical engineers mind, I asked her two questions:

I listened to your interview twice only because I was in the car.  I’m dying to know how you process 2 things:
Normal installed fire hydrants within 20 feet of Bloomington’s on W College.  If they were actually “closing the loop”, why did they need fire hydrants?
 Why does smaller Normal pay FAR more than Bloomington for comprehensive insurance?  See the data here:   https://blnnews.com/2022/07/22/more-on-normals-mica-problem/
Diane Benjamin
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In response I received two emails from her and neither answered those two questions.  Obviously At-Large Trustees represent the Town, not the people who live in it.  5 of the 6 believe everything they are told, no data-driven or analytical thought involved. Trustees are the last defense citizens have against an out-or-control government. Taxpayers deserve to know why they are forced to pay much more for insurance than larger Bloomington and why the Town has a cozy relationship with a vendor. Kathleen evidently doesn’t care.
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Pam Reece answered the fire hydrant question at the end of the meeting last night.  Remember taxpayers paid over $500,000 to run water lines on top of Bloomington’s down West College, supposedly to “close the loop”.  Evidently Normal is expecting a huge fire at Rivian that will require water from both Bloomington and Normal – just hit play to hear Reece:

The entire meeting was slightly less than an hour. I might mention other happenings in another story.


My email exchange with Kathleen after the one above:

6 thoughts on “Kathleen Lorenz proves why Normal needs Districts

  1. I’ll take a stab at wink/wink. ha/ha, spending the entire content to define the word process when perhaps more fitting would have been to bang head against wall and take a nap Kathleen. Did this make more sense than your reply? Maybe.

  2. There was a petition going around for implementing districts in Normal. Is that still the case?

    I signed it but haven’t heard anything further about it.

  3. My dad also had some good sayings. He said when dealing with most people it was a “Hooray for me and to hell with you” world. He also didn’t care much for people from the Chicago area thinking most were blowbags and BSers. He would sized up Kathy in all of five minutes.

  4. When Kathleen’s mom told her, “if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all,” she plugged her ears. She certainly does not follow this rule.

  5. So even though Kathleen stated she is “honest”. Before answering Steve’s first question and goes on to call herself a public servant, her email further proves she is a dishonest politician. 🤮. Thou doth protest too much!

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