More on Normal’s MICA problem

By: Diane Benjamin

If you missed these two stories, read them now: and

Brief recap:

  • Normal has purchased comprehensive insurance through MICA for decades, they don’t bid this insurance because they claim MICA does
  • Normal’s Finance director is on MICA’s Executive Committee
  • Normal does accounting work for MICA
  • The cost for Normal’s insurance this year is $1,945,934 
  • The cost for larger Bloomington this year is $1,084,576

Obviously Normal needs to explain why they pay a lot more than Bloomington.

I did finally receive invoices Normal sent to MICA for doing their accounting. Normal doesn’t think it is a conflict of interest to bill a vendor for doing their accounting while Normal’s employee is on the Executive Committee of the vendor. The cost difference is enough to show it is a conflict!

Normal itemizes one invoice per year that shows how charges for doing accounting are calculated, then it is billed quarterly:

Normal has a staff accountant who works half of their time just for MICA.

Accounting got a lot more expensive this year:

4 thoughts on “More on Normal’s MICA problem

  1. Is the person who manages the no-bid contract the same person who works for MICA? If not, who is working for MICA and getting a taxpayer funded pension?

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