This is Awkward

By: Diane Benjamin If you don’t know who Rachael Lund is, this will refresh your memory: After Lund failed to win her County Board election, Chris Koos appointed her to the Planning Commission. That speaks volumes about Koos, of course the Council has been told their only role is to approve anyone Koos picks, […]

More on Normal’s MICA problem

By: Diane Benjamin If you missed these two stories, read them now: and Brief recap: Normal has purchased comprehensive insurance through MICA for decades, they don’t bid this insurance because they claim MICA does Normal’s Finance director is on MICA’s Executive Committee Normal does accounting work for MICA The cost for Normal’s insurance […]

Conflict of Interest by McCarthy? Sure looks like it!

By: Diane Benjamin Previous stories for reference: I wonder of Brian Day, Normal’s attorney, has a copy of this book? Normal pays the Illinois Municipal League a lot of money every year, if he doesn’t have a copy he should. Does the Town hand out copies of this 216 page book to […]

Unethical Kevin McCarthy

By: Diane Benjamin If you didn’t read the comments to yesterday’s story, a link was posted to Trustee McCarthy’s performance training website. Google Path Performance – the link won’t connect to this story. Well, yesterday it had a section stating Kevin did training at Rosa Parks. Today it’s gone, sort of like his disappearing claims […]

Bloomington tonight, ridiculous

By: Diane Benjamin In a perfect example of government believing individuals have no responsibility but government does: The McLean County Regional Planning Commission will make a presentation that includes this: Eliminate fatalities and life-changing injuries from our transportation system by 2030 That is the most absurd statement ever written with tax dollars. I can’t […]

Normal: Did you notice?

By: Diane Benjamin Monday night Normal voted to accept a new bike master plan. It will require vast amounts of money in the future to add trails all over Normal. Mayor and BIKE SHOP owner Chris Koos did not recuse himself from the discussion. One person at public comment even claimed biking is way up […]

RC McBride – an obvious conflict of interest

By:  Diane Benjamin This guy is the General Manager WGLT: McBride is also on the Town of Normal Council: If you don’t already see a conflict of interest with media helping to run government, I’m not done. Monday night the Normal Council is writing some checks to WGLT, an NPR station that […]


By:  Diane Benjamin Does anybody read the City Code?  Do you know elected officials who might be benefitting “indirectly” from the Giebelhausen fleecing? Chapter 16 : Section 57A : City Officers Not to Have Interest in Municipal Contracts. No officer of the City shall be interested, directly or indirectly, in any contract made and entered into under the […]

Obviously no Media in Bloomington-Normal

by:  Diane Benjamin Evidently the local press lacks curiosity.  Maybe they aren’t allowed to do investigative reporting.  Maybe reporters can’t investigate the local “insiders”.  Maybe they can’t investigate their advertisers.  Maybe Illinois wouldn’t be so corrupt if REAL media existed.   Below are some questions I’d be asking: How about some investigation of the unemployment […]