Are Koos and McCarthy profiting?

By: Diane Benjamin

At the Normal Town Council meeting last night Chris Koos admitted the Bike Share program Normal instituted benefits his business. People started biking and realized they needed their own bike – so go to the guy selling them: Chris Koos.

Is that why Normal keeps building trails too Chris?

The entire Council knew Kevin McCarthy had changed his website to look like the Fitness Court wasn’t to benefit his business:

I was copied on all the emails sent to them. Scott Preston could have voted no and ended further discussions, the vote would have been 3-3 since Karyn Smith wasn’t there to vote. This fleece is on Preston. Maybe Preston doesn’t read the emails he gets from citizens.

Discussions later turned to teaching people how to use the equipment. Mentioned was hiring local fitness experts to get people started. Kevin McCarthy? Until he changed his website he already trained people in Rosa Parks Commons, perfect fit.

Just hit play to hear the entire conversation – it took up over half of the 1 hour and 19 minute meeting. Be prepared, the “spin” might make you dizzy.








4 thoughts on “Are Koos and McCarthy profiting?

  1. Preston proves again he’s a weak Republican who cares more about being liked by Democrats (i.e. Koos and McCarthy) than fighting for taxpayers. He will make a great Democrat if he gets elected State Rep as a Republican.

    Someone please tell the McLean County GOP that RINOs are NOT Republicans and stop helping these Democrats get re-elected!!!

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  2. This is how government works in Normal, Illinois. First, it starts with a grant. Then there’s approval of moving forward on pursuing that grant and then taxpayers are on the hook for future discretionary spending from Pam Reece’s unlimited budget. It’s always presented as a no loose proposition.

    What this is really about is two types of people. Those who see government as a means of getting what you want and those who want government to get our of our lives. Normal Town Council is made up of people who see government as the means of getting what you want.

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  3. The Mayor admitted on camera to personally profiting from his taxpayer funded bike project votes. Surely the town’s legal or police have some obligation to investigate this illegal activity.

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