See anybody with a disability?

By: Diane Benjamin

Below are pics from the documentation provided to the Council pertaining to the National Fitness Campaign:

Stan Nord asked Parks and Rec director Doug Damery if this equipment is ADA compliant. Comic relief, hear this 20 second clip:







9 thoughts on “See anybody with a disability?

  1. You are talking about a town that provided no handicap on street parking in uptown when the streets were re-done several years ago, the city response we have plenty of handicap parking spaces in the decks. True story, The only reason there are current on street handicap parking is because a professor from Bradley university threatened to sue the city if they did not provide on the street handicap parking spaces. Another tidbit of information that the residents of Normal never knew. But the city continues to have the same leadership and staff that make these decisions.

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  2. Let’s face facts, if it were a private business project that didn’t comply with ADA, the Town government would come after them in a heartbeat. When government doesn’t comply, nothing happens. Unless the media asks questions [pausing while you laugh] or the voters show up at the polls, there’s no accountability.

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  3. What I see is wasteful government spending under the category of entertainment and recreation. What the **** no advertisement on the sides of those exercise blocks for revenue.


  4. The local ‘elites’/3letcteds-n-friends wil look you straight in the eye (or camera lens) and flat out LIE 😂 .. shameless grifters ! The indifference and ignorance of our local citizens is breathtaking. But ya get the government you deserve , so keep on working and paying your taxes so these people can bring THEIR dreams to fruition. #literalRubes

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