Chemberly was there Pam, why didn’t you ask her?

By: Diane Benjamin

Appearances are very important in Normal. That’s why Koos frequently refers to the “professional staff” and claims his actions are required under Roberts Rules of Order.

Appearances must have been very important for Pam Reece when Kathleen Lorenz asked about this expense:

Note: the check was made out to Chemberly Cummings:

Note Lorenz, Reece, and Cummings are within feet of each other:

Hear this 25 second clip of Kathleen asking about the bill and Reece stumbling over an answer:

It must have been too difficult to just ask Chemberly why the Town wrote a check to her. Maybe Pam Reece was trying to bury the expense of feeding kids to attend Cumming’s indoctrination sessions. I wonder if Kathleen got a lecture after the meeting for daring to ask!

Is Kathleen running for re-election? She asked about a bill and voted against the Fitness Court in the same meeting. Maybe Stan Nord is wearing off on her, maybe not.,

3 thoughts on “Chemberly was there Pam, why didn’t you ask her?

  1. Lorenz likes to brag about being fiscally responsible but her voting record shows a long history of voting to raise taxes and fees. Politicians lie. Lorenz should be judged by her voting record.


  2. Pam did not trust Chemberly would not have said something to incriminate Pam of funneling taxpayer money to Chemberly’s campaign activities. You’ve already reported that Chemberly gets payday loans so she is not the brightest when it comes to money. Lorenz should have voted no because Pam refused to answer her question.


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