Chris Koos needs a Roberts Rules of Orders class

By: Diane Benjamin

Monday night wasn’t the first time Chris Koos has used Roberts Rules of Order to cut off Stan Nord. He even claimed Monday he wasn’t “picking” on Stan, just following the RULES. The Koos comment also makes clear he despises Stan’s use of Facebook posts and videos to actually communicate with the people Stan represents.

Refer back to “appearances” in this story:

The Town of Normal has a reputation to protect, riff raff like Stan Nord throw a wrench in their cog.

Below is video of Koos cutting Stan off from discussions of the Fitness mat. The video is 1:30 minutes. Note Stan asked lawyer Brian Day to intervene before the vote, Koos ignored him. After the vote Day stated Stan had the right to ask for information. Koos blew it again, of course nobody knew it until after they voted and Brian Day didn’t stop Koos from holding the vote. You can hear RINO Preston vote YES here too. Stan had the right under Roberts Rules of Order to ask for information, maybe the new plastic dividers prevented Koos from hearing Stan. Brian Day has no excuse.

5 thoughts on “Chris Koos needs a Roberts Rules of Orders class

  1. Koos is a bully who cares nothing about rules, laws, or ethics to get his way. Brian Day is a puppet who would get fired if he ever went against King Koos or Queen Pam. Day’s legal obligation is not to the taxpayers. His obligation is to support the King and Queen of Normal.

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  2. Brian Day is the highly paid parliamentarian. Obviously his title his purely honorary with no requirement know anything. He would fail in the private sector where consequences for your failures exist.

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