Normal: Financial Trends

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve heard from numerous sources State Farm is not done downsizing their workforce.  If local governments don’t tighten their belts, the flight of residents will do it for them. These numbers were complied from what Normal reported to the Comptroller’s office:  Source: Normal – Warehouse   Note the number of employees.  Remember […]

Ah . . Public Comment

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal Town Council last night: First to speak was Craig Stimpert. (4:27) The topic was pensions funding and the constant raising of property taxes to fund them.  Craig called this Town practice unsustainable.  The Town uses property taxes because they refuse to make pension funding part of the budget.   He called out […]

Is Normal GIVING away property to ISU?

By: Diane Benjamin The Art Gallery in Uptown is on the agenda for Monday: See PDF pages 34 and following. The docs contains very little financial information except what ISU has already paid. It does say the current lease agreement will be extended until February 2020. As I reported in this story: The […]