North Normal: Normal and Barickman want to devalue your property

By: Diane Benjamin

Before reading the rest of THIS article, read this one:

On Thursday the Planning Commission will hear testimony about high-density and medium-density housing right next to expensive housing in Wintergreen Subdivision. This is exactly the plan Obama started under the guise of Equity housing. Biden is continuing the plan to destroy nice neighborhoods by packed people into high density housing right next to single family homes.

One fact: people who own their property take more pride in their property and therefore take better care of it than renters do. High-density housing has to mean renters. I am told one home on the edge of the proposed development just sold for $500,000. If high-density housing is erected next door, what will happen to the value of that house?

High density brings more kids. Does Unit 5 have room in the schools for a large influx of kids?

How about traffic? Rabb is 4 lane until it isn’t, then it goes back to 4 lanes.

What does Jason Barickman have to do with this? He is a partner in Fairlawn Capital. They are behind this development. He wants to pack people together instead of providing ownership opportunities.

Here’s another story for you to read:

Normal City Manager Pam Reece claims the development could be Town Homes or apartments. Both would devalue single family homes, if you don’t show up at the Planning Commission meeting on Thursday it will be slammed through. All those commission members are Koos picks, the deck is already stacked against you. If you don’t make your opinion known your property values will go down.

At this same meeting Normal’s proposed sign ordinance changes will be discussed. Pack the place for both!

10 thoughts on “North Normal: Normal and Barickman want to devalue your property

  1. Yes the elites will move to their mansions on the soon to be flooded coast after they tell the rest of us where and how we shall live in the squalor of the inner-city to promote fairness and caring.

  2. Because Normal has no wards there is no alderman responsible to represent the Wintergreen residents. As usual they will rubber stamp this through because King Koos and Queen Reece dictate them to.

    This will play out just like BlackStone Trail. Unless you are buddies of Pam Reece or Chris Koos, you have no voice in Normal.

  3. The sign ordinance is obviously intended to limit the “Fire Pritzker” signs to a minimum. Pritzker attacked small businesses and now Pam Reece is helping reduce that blowback. It is bullshit she hasn’t been fired for using our tax-dollars to engage in this political maneuvering. This just shows you how far entrenched the Democrats are in Normal politics.

  4. I think everyone in town needs to show up to this meeting. The town of Normal is trying to block our first amendment right to put signs in our yards. Now they want to put apartment complexes in our nice subdivisions. NIMBYS stand strong and stand together.

  5. This is unbelievable. I’d ask how kingkoos and queenpam can live with themselves, but I won’t bother. They thrive on being evil, inflicting pain, raising taxes, denying freedom, etc etc etc. They feel no shame. But it does make me wonder, First-Blackstone Trail & the Fire Station. Second-Wintergreen & apartment buildings. Third-? Whose neighborhood is next and what the heck are they planning?

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