There is NO HOPE for the Illinois GOP

By: Diane Benjamin

Elections were held Wednesday across the State for the GOP Central Committee. They are the Governing Board of the Illinois Republican Party.

The people below were elected – look at how many supported Richard Irvin who lost massively in the Republican Primary for governor. Obviously democrats are running the Republican Party, not people who represent the voters.

Watch them sabotage Darren Bailey.

A party that backed Richard Irvin and then got squashed in the primary has no intention of changing course just because voters said they didn’t want that path.

McLean County supported Jim Fisher who did not back Irvin, he lost in the the other Counties that make up the rest of the congressional district.

12 thoughts on “There is NO HOPE for the Illinois GOP

    1. Well it was YOU who voted for Bailey. Bailey is totally unelectable, his positions too extreme for the average citizen in Illinois. It’s pretty funny that you’re claiming the Republicans are going to sabotage Bailey. Hilarious. He’s doing a very good job on his own.

      News flash Bailey, gas prices are going down. That’s the only issue he running on, gas prices. We are not all religious fanatics in Illinois either.


  1. There is and never has been in my 70+ years, much hope for conservatives in Illinois. Republicans have had governors but they’re not conservatives, in fact Illinois could very well be the original source for the term RINO!

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  2. Stacking the deck against Darren Bailey and Mary Miller. You wait, the GOP will lose it for both these candidates in the 11th hour. Just watch and wait…….look at the slate of “NEW’ Illinois GOP. Mostly RINOS.

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  3. The GOP is certainly in disarray in Illinois. With Pritzger’s low approval ratings this should have been a golden opportunity to elect a Republican governor. All they had to do was find a candidate that would have some semblance of mass appeal across both urban and rural areas of the state. Instead we got stuck with Irwin and Bailey. The GOP has handed JB a second term on a silver platter.

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  4. None of this crap matters. What does matter to those still stuck in loser McLean County and Illinois is that the state will experience its eighth straight year of out migration in 2022 estimated to reach over 80,000 people. From July 2020 to July 2021. Illinois lost to 123,000 residents. Those choosing to leave have cited high taxation, lack of housing options and no opportunity for employment advancement. Only West Virginia is worse experiencing 14 straight years of population loss. Despite all this, politicos on both sides of the aisle refuse to address this problem, locally, regionally and statewide. And please please don’t cite Rivian as a cure for this problem locally, because long range it won’t. Chicago has come to your area and there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about it. The misery will continue until BN looks like Decatur or worse. It was all planned years ago to change the voting demographics downstate. They had Peoria and Decatur because of the unions and Springfield because of government workers. BN was next on list and was an easy fruit to pick because of a transient population, the universities, and the corporate robots who didn’t care about anything but getting drunk and laid after hours. Illinois is a one party ruled state in much the same light as California. You all helped it happen by not caring to vote or being aware what was going on around you. Win or lose, Pritzker will be gone soon. He has his eyes focused on D.C.

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  5. All so so true. Those corporate ISU grads now in their late 40s and 50s really only cated bout their lifestyles and called themselves Republicans

    Did nothing for years but made decisions that were terrible

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    1. The Illinois exodus will be ruinous for the few decent state’s left! I’ve been wintering in Florida for twenty years and have never seen so many Illinois, NJ, and NY license plates!! They’ll ruin a wonderful free state just like here. But that too is the plan. Spread the dems out, alter the demographics.

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